Friday, November 18, 2016

Cardboard Shoutout

Very excited to show you what arrived in the mailbox this weekend:

Isabelle Bruno's and Christine Baillet's Reinventer series of books by the French publishing company Hoebeke Editions features fun new ways to use familiar products and materials. The first two books were all about Lego and IKEA.

The newest book, Reinventer Ses Emballages is all about packaging materials - - a little bit upcycling, a little bit repurposing and a whole lot of art, readers are challenged to put a new spin on an old thing that's headed for the recycling bin. 

I am ridiculously thrilled to say that I am in it!

Well, my cardboard train is, at any rate.


Let me show you what's in the book. It's divided into four sections according to difficulty level. 

My cardboard train is in the intermediate category.

Here are some projects from the different categories: a cardboard lamp (Simple),

Cardboard lamppost and masks (Intermediate),

A wooden palette outdoor swing and chair (Advanced),

and a manipulate-able cardboard bird costume and a camera made from a sardine can (Expert).

It's mind-boggling, the things people have made from plastic cartons, cardboard boxes, wooden pallets, glass bottles, food containers, tin cans and other kinds of packaging. I wish I could show you everything in the book - from organizers, working toys and furniture to entire rooms and offices made from cardboard and pallets. That's cardboard walls and supporting posts, people.

I haven't seen this book on the US amazon, but I found it on the UK site and the France site 


  1. What amazing projects! Wow! Congratulations to you for making it into the book with your own amazing project - yay, you!!

  2. French craft books are the best! I still have some from my childhood.

  3. WHOA!! I want this book just for those wings! Good thing I took French in H.S... hm... I'm sure I have a dictionary somewhere...
    Congrats! :)

  4. What an amazing book!
    I've always loved projects that used cardboard as their basic material but your blog has taken it to a whole new level!!Thank you for the amazing inspiration!

  5. oh wow...amazing projects with cardboards! I know my son would love this !

  6. Now I desperately wish I could read French - what an amazing book! And I love that train.


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