Monday, December 26, 2016



. . . also, Merry Christmas, everyone!

If only we'd gotten our act together enough to take a glowing family portrait. Alas, we did not.
No - wait - we did:

Anyway, about that Niffler. I did make him after all (and yes, he even has a pocket for jewelry). Here are some substandard creature-shots in horrendous lighting.

That aside, I would not say he is perfect. For instance, I didn't have black fur in the house and had to make him dark brown. His snout/bill/snuffly nose thing isn't amazingly precise. 

But Emily (who'd asked for him) was right - he is somewhat Menagerie-esque in shape, and for a single night's work of drafting this prototype, Emily was quite happy with him.

Speaking of things Harry Potterish, I am still editing the hundreds of photos of Emily's Harry Potter party in September. I shall post them soon!

Have a wonderful new year, all, and may it be rich in family, love, safety, health, hope, peace, and all the things that truly matter. 


  1. Love, love, love the niffler. Maybe you'll have a pattern in your shop one day?

  2. Oh my goodness! I made a Niffler, too! Started at 9 pm Christmas Eve, so you can imagine how that turned out. Yours is much better. I'll email you a picture.

  3. Super, super cute! You are so talented.

  4. It is adorable! No wonder she's happy with it.

  5. He looks pretty near perfect to me! Soooo cute!!

  6. LOVE this niffler! He's pretty stinkin' adorable, perfect or not. <3

  7. Your Niffler is fabulous! Merry Christmas to you, too!

    I hope you can get Emily's party post up in time for me to grab some inspiration for Emma's February Harry Potter party.

  8. Looks a little bit like a platypus :)

  9. Oh! oH MY! I'd pin this but child's face in cutest snuggly shot - I will just commit it to my memory. Like all the good pictures should be.
    All the best for all of you


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