Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Harry Potter Party: Invitations and Supply Lists

Here follow posts on the individual elements of Emily's Harry Potter party. We're starting with a short one on just the invitations and supply lists. 

Emily printed personalized invitations to each guest. 
The letterhead is clip art found online.

The invitations were rolled up into a scroll and tied with ribbon. Where possible, they were hand-delivered. Otherwise, they were flattened, shoved into an envelope, and mailed.

This is the supply list she prepared for the guests to guide them in their shopping experience in Diagon Alley. Professor McGonogall's last line about independence and curtailing extravagant spending made me laugh because it sounds quite in-character!

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  1. Great stuff!
    When my younger daughter, Emily, turned 11, her older sister Katie made a very similar Hogwarts letter. Emily accepted it calmly and spent the entire day matter-of-factly preparing to head off to Hogwarts. By about 4pm Katie was completely freaked out, thinking that Emily really believed it and that we would have to break the news to her. Emi was quite gleeful about how well she'd fooled her sister. :D


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