Friday, April 7, 2017

Harry Potter Party: Printables

We hope you enjoyed following along with Emily's Harry Potter party posts! We're all done now, and all that remains is to explain the printables to which I alluded throughout the earlier posts.

If you remember, Emily began her research several months before the party, in the spring of last year and, throughout the summer, painstakingly conceptualized and hand-made all the various party elements, including the decorations and artwork. She intended to consolidate her work into a digital file that could be purchased by anyone who wanted to host a similar party and use her labels, posters and templates. However, there are licenses involved with all commercial entities, and we are unfortunately unable to distribute anything specific to the Harry Potter franchise. So no spell books, wand labels, Diagon Alley poster art, or anything identifiable as Harry Potter or belonging to the fantasy world created by JK Rowling.

We have, however, put together a 21-page e-file of what we are able to distribute.

Here is the cover page detailing what is in this pdf file, which of these come with instructions, and what format (photos, text, tutorial, etc.)

Please note that some of the projects come with full-size templates and some, because of size constraints, do not. Those must then be drafted yourself (with instructions included on how to do this). Here are some sample pages of the different projects - one with pictorial instructions, one with a full-size template and the other with written construction instructions.

We are making this file available for sale through my Patterns For Sale page (click on that link or look for it in the menu bar right underneath my blog banner) for $5. 

Alternatively, you can also click on this Add To Cart button below to buy the file. 

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Because this is Emily's party and she is responsible for the ideas and conceptualization of the resulting projects, all the proceeds from the sale of this e-file go to her. Thank you for supporting her work!


  1. Sooo... now it must be time to start planning for the next party, right?

  2. Just downloaded my copy. Great work, Emily!

    1. Thank you for being out very first buyer - we appreciate your support! And I, personally, appreciate the linkbacks and shoutouts in your recent party posts, too. I love Emma's wand tutorial, and her use of naturally-knobby tree twigs. Very smart, and much cheaper (and easier to find) than chopsticks.

  3. Congratulations on your pattern release, Emily! I've really enjoyed seeing all the work you put into your party -- your creativity and diligence is wonderful! :)

  4. Amazing job Emily, well done. And thank you for sharing.

  5. I just bought the pattern to support Emily, although I designed and created a Harry Potter party years ago, and don't need it. I'm so impressed by Emily's planning and execution skills! I can't wait to see what she does next!

    1. Curator: Thank you so much for your support! Emily will be so happy!


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