Tuesday, January 23, 2018


This was for Emily, who adores hedgehogs.

Some adapting of the base template was necessary to shape the spiny/furry back so that it curved over the head. I tweaked both the body and head templates.

The seam that connects the head to the body had to be brought forward, and the vertical seam running down the face had to be made concave (instead of convex in the original) to make that upturned nose.

It was actually a really simple adaptation, and a much easier sew than it sounds.

Now, this being my prototype hedgehog, I wasn't very particular with nose sizes, but future hedgehogs will get nose jobs to slightly reduce that schnozzle.

I realize that a large part of what make this hedgehog hedgehoggy is the fur fabric of the body. Bald fleece, for instance, wouldn't produce anywhere near the texture needed for quills. 

So I'd suggest that if you were making this hedgehog, the fur is highly recommended. It doesn't have to be spiky, though -if I could've found a grey-mottled-brown straight fur, especially if it had a distinct nap (just like quills!) I'd have picked that, too. I ended up using this faux fur that was slightly curly, which unfortunately didn't come in grey, only dark brown.

Some ridiculously squeal-y photos now: family shots of the mama with her teeny baby, which I'd made earlier here.



  1. I just love this! My oldest granddaughter goes nuts over mama/baby combos and I don't dare show her this one. We just finished the Kangaroo/Joey for her.

  2. It's Mrs. Tiggywinkle! So adorable.

  3. where did you get the fabric/ fur for this? I LOVE it - and my hedgehog loving daughter would adore it also :)

    1. Angela, it was from Joann fabrics. If I remember right, they had it in several colors including ivory and white. It was priced similar to the minky fabrics (below $20/yd) rather than the faux fur fabrics (about $40 and upward).

  4. There was much squealing in our house when my daughter spotted those mummy baby hedgehog pictures!!

  5. Squee!!! I adore the momma and baby together! That fabric you found is hedgehog perfect


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