Friday, January 19, 2018

Polar Bear

I could've sworn I'd posted about this polar bear earlier, but I couldn't find any sign of it in my archives so I must not have. 

This polar bear was for Jenna's best friend at school. 

He's just the simplest possible variation on the base Menagerie pattern: two bear ears, a tiny tail and made entirely in white fur. 

I used a plastic safety nose, but it could easily have been made with a felt nose.

I love how he turned out - slightly Yeti-esque - although I think his silhouette is even more polarbearish in bald fleece. 
Mini Menagerie polar bear from this post

And in different colors and furs, this variation could easily make grizzlies, sun bears, black bears and other ursine creatures.


  1. IT'S SO FLUFFY! (wink-wink to anyone who gets the reference!)
    It's positively gorgeous!
    That's it, I'm going to ask for the Menagerie patterns for my birthday! I'm imagining all of them in mini-size, out of felt. Soooo cute!
    Do you think you might one day compile your 'menagerie modifications'? It would be a great add-on pattern !

  2. Oh, my goodness! More adorableness!! He's perfect!

  3. Good to hear that you are planning an add-on! I love my menagerie pattern.

  4. I love him! And I am excited to hear you are planning an add-on! I want to buy this pattern for projects with the kids, eventually.


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