Wednesday, February 21, 2018


This past week, I finished up a few more Menagerie critters. 

This one is a Beaver.

It's a classic Menagerie critter in that I was able to use the base templates in their usual layout: body, head, belly, ears, arms, tail, lower limbs. 

Thus very little adaptation, just some new shapes for the characteristic Beaver-parts.

Let's walk through them, so you can make this guy, too. 

First, the upper limbs: straight template arms with claws. Not as small-and-numerous as the Fox's or Dinosaur's, but not as long as the Dragon's. Somewhere in-between.

Next, the lower limbs: webbed and paddle-like. Beavers have five toes, not three, so this is artistic license here. Also practicality: it's much easier to stuff fewer wider toes than more numerous skinnier ones.

The tail - the Beaver's signature feature. This was interfaced between the  black fleece layers, then quilted in diamonds. I am always surprised at how little of what I observe about animals is actually accurate. A beaver's tail, for instance, is about half the length of the body. Before I'd actually researched it, I thought it was much shorter.

The ears are Lion ears, and the cheeks and teeth are attached by applique. Those dots on the cheeks are french knots, suggesting (non-existent) whiskers.

I used a medium brown faux fur from JoAnn which didn't shed much at all. 

Super easy to make!


  1. So cute!!! Will you need testers for this update?

  2. Oh my, it's so perfect! It looks both adorably cuddly and cheeky ^^ (it's almost like it's just eaten the whole box of biscuits!)


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