Saturday, March 24, 2018


Hello again, friends!

Resuming the Menagerie roundup after a short break with this little guy.

He's a robin, a happy harbinger of spring. Which still seems far-off with the cool temps and wet forecasts, but one must always be positive. 

This is a mini Menagerie critter, by the way.

I thought it was more realistic than a full-Menagerie-sized robin.

No adaptation required - I used the base template as is, and added a beak, 



and a tail.

After I'd made this robin, I decided that I must make some of the little birds we see in our backyard, like blue jays and finches and hummingbirds and such. All it'd take is the right colors, and some characteristic plumes and tail shapes. We could make a whole series of backyard birds!


  1. Yesterday I saw the first Robin of the season. Today we woke up to 12 inches of fresh snow! Someone didn't get the memo that it's Spring!

  2. Oh, it’s so CUTE!! ❤️ Yes, more birds... make them all! 👏

    Spring? What is that of which you speak??? We got another 6-10” of snow last night. 😞 I think our robins are ready to head back south.

  3. Such a great idea ! We saw the first one yesterday here, in the snow. I think I will make some of our local birds to bring as gifts for my nieces in France !

  4. What a cutie! I am seeing this as a sweet gift for someone recovering from illness or surgery, or as a gift that will add a cheery note to someone's days!

  5. This one is my new favorite! I am definitely partial to menagerie minis.


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