Saturday, July 28, 2018


I would've missed it had Emily not pointed it out:

apparently, these look like my kids.
(L to R: Kate, Jenna and Emily).


Friday, July 27, 2018

A Round Head

Happy summer, friends!

Today's photos are brought to you by my cellphone camera. 

Translation: no photoediting. 

So this is my hypothesis: if I take photos with my cellphone instead of my DSLR, I might be able to blog more frequently.

Supporting (anti-)evidence: I have SO MANY photos sitting on the computer that I offloaded from the DSLR that never made it to the blog because I didn't have the time to process them. 

This is not to say that I'm never taking a proper photo with the fancy camera again, incidentally. There is a place in blogdom for edited photos, certainly. Tutorials and patterns and other things require them in particular sizes and sharpness and exposure and odd depths of focus. But for the random, everyday Look What I'm Working On shots, I'm postulating that a cellphone camera will do the trick.

Speaking of Working Ons, here's my current WIP: a round head.

Head shapes are very important in Toydom, and round heads, especially, bring joy to their beholders like no other head shapes do. Yes, I am aware that I sound shape-ist. And yes, there are always instances (such as a momentary lapse in reason) in which a person might opt for, say, a flat or oblong head over one that is beauteously spherical. Yes, I've done it. It is tragic, but life is not perfect. People aren't perfect.

Round heads, fortunately, are.

This one belongs on a new doll I'm making. I considered including ears, but ears stick out. Eventually, this round head will be crowned with yarn hair, anyway, which will hide the ears. This was how I rationalized away any protuberances that would disrupt that pristine curved profile. 

Except the nose which, if you stare long enough at the center front seam, you might be able to see. Factoid: I modeled this nose after the slightly-upturned nose of one of my kids. When I tell people my children are my inspiration for my crafting, I wasn't kidding.

Unrelated, here is another WIP that's been going on forever. It's perle cotton on faux suede. It has round shapes in it, too. I started this last year. My goal is to finish it this year. Which would make it about 2 years old. Which is fast, as far as my WIPs go. 

How long do your WIPs languish under your sewing table before they see the light of day once more? I think my record is 29 years (and counting).

Tuesday, July 3, 2018

New Wizard Wands!

Hello everyone! I hope you've been having a lovely summer! Today's post is written by my kid Emily, who has some exciting news to share. Take it away, Emily! - LiEr

Hello friends! It's Emily (On Mom's blog), remember me? The kid of none other than the person who actually writes on this blog! My summer has been going very well so far, from taking an entire year's math course during these three months, to crafting a lot. I mean a LOT.
I have been making new wizard wands! The last time I put these in Mom's Etsy store, I had so much fun managing, packing, and sending out orders to all sorts of people. Because of that experience last summer, I've decided to do it again!

There are ten wands in this round, (Get them while they last!) and they are all very pretty ones. 

As always, they include a wand sheath/pouch/case so you can have a safe spot to put your wand(s).

If you've never visited my Mom's Etsy store, you can do so for the first time here and check out the wands. 

Anyhoo, that's all for now, I hope you check out my wands and enjoy the summer!


PS. Keep your eyes peeled for my own Etsy store launching soon! I'll be working with my friend Sophie and right now, we're sewing up a STORM.