Saturday, May 25, 2019

Pop Pouch - Variations and Shop Updates

Hello everyone -

Thank you all for your support of my Pop Pouch sewing pattern. I am happy thinking of all the Pouches you'll be making (and scrap-busting in the process).

As promised, I've stocked my Etsy shop with some ready-to-ship Pop Pouches so those of you who are disinclined to make them yourself can still have one (or eight) to use.  While all have canvas/duckcloth outers, there are slight variations in the lining fabric among. Also, one or two are a little taller than the rest (8" as opposed to 7.5"). So please carefully read the item description of each Pouch listing to be sure of its dimensions and to know what materials your Pouch is made of.  

Speaking of variations, I thought I'd share two which I experimented with while developing the Pop Pouch pattern. The pattern itself does not include instructions for either of these variations; they're simple enough that the photos in this post will explain what to do should you want to customize your Pouches for particular needs.

This first one is a height variation. In the photo below, the cobalt blue Pouch on the right was made according to the dimensions in the pattern. The grey-floral-and-navy Pouch on the left is a little taller. Note that the top zippered sections (in print fabric) are of the same dimensions for both pouches,

and it is only the lower sections (the part made of solid fabric) that are different. You can see this in the photo below when the Pouches are fully retracted: the top section slides almost all the way down to the base of the regular pouch but not for the taller pouch.

To create this taller variation, simply add up to 1" to the height of the Cup Side templates. That's all. For reference, the taller Pouch in the photos above had 3/4" added to its height. To avoid ending up with a disproportionately tall retracted Pouch (out of which it will be harder to access the contents), I wouldn't advise adding more than 1". Because its width is unchanged, the circumference of the Cup also remains the same, and the zippered Top section will continue to fit and work perfectly with it. 

You can leave the Pocket template as is (the resulting pocket will simply sit lower in the finished Pouch) or add height to it, too. Experiment with the dimensions to see what works for you. 

The second variation is aesthetic rather than structural. In the photos below is a Pop Pouch I made for a gift for one of Kate's friends. Kate asked me to personalize it with her friend's name and favorite animal. Rather than paint on the solid lower section, I made the Top section solid as well so that I could paint on that instead. 

This way, the handpainted details are visible even when the Top is pulled down over the Cup.

Since the entire Pouch was now solid, I opted for accent print fabric over plain twill tape in the handle for visual interest.

So there you are: two simple variations to start you off. May you find even more interesting ways to diversify your Pop Pouches. Happy making :)

And please stop by my Etsy shop to browse the ready-to-ship Pop Pouches!

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  1. That handpainted one is so cute, and personalizing/calligraphy on fabric is so suited to dd's wheelhouse! They remind me of measuring jugs but for her pens.


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