Wednesday, April 29, 2020

New Gouache Kits Now In Stock!

We are happy to announce that Emily's Etsy shop is all stocked up on gouache kits! Over the weekend, she was busy putting together more of the four original kits as well as creating new color swatches and painting inspiration samples for four new ones. 

It's always fun to peek behind the scenes at the making process, so here are some photos from the last couple of days. 

Prepping palette cards for the four original kits

Developing new color palettes

WIP: Inspiration painting for Pretty Pink Florals, one of the new kits.

The final eight (for now)!

If you've just joined us, you might enjoy reading about Emily's gouache kits in this earlier post

Here are the original four - Ocean, Potted Plants, Sunset and Rainbow,

and here are the new ones:

Downtown Weather

Orange Grove


and Pretty Pink Florals

just in time for Mother's Day :)

You can also buy a kit bundle, which gives you all eight kits for $35 (which is like getting one free!). 

If you'd like to order larger numbers of kits than what she has in stock, you can convo her directly via Etsy or send her an email at emilymaeetsy(at)gmail(dot)com.

Happy painting!

Sunday, April 26, 2020

Lavender Chai and Gouache Kits Update

Happy Sunday!

I'm stopping in today to give everyone a quick update on Emily's gouache kits, which are currently sold out in her Etsy store.  She is so thrilled by your overwhelming support - and everyone's interest in gouache paints in general. The kits flew off the virtual shelves, as it were, and she spent all of yesterday happily preparing her orders and restocking the shop. At one point, we ran out of supplies but fortunately a nearby store was able to offer a curbside pickup. At the same time, I was working out how to fulfill a custom order in my own Etsy store with just my stash materials and some creative substitutions because my go-to supplier wasn't open. Both reminded me that we are living in very different times now, and times like these sometimes call for mental acrobatics and a lot of flexibility.

Updates now:

First, yes, there will be more kits in Emily's shop by the end of today! Yay! Please check in later this evening.

Second, Emily is preparing some new color palettes for future kits. Restocking supplies and materials has necessitated upping the price of upcoming kits to $5. Domestic (US) shipping is still free, and we think it's still a steal, but we thank you for understanding, regardless. Current kits are still $4 (including the ones being restocked tonight).

Third, if you don't see a lot of action in Emily's shop after the weekend, it's only because she's back at (online) school while also prepping the new kits and palettes for you. She says she should have some exciting new paint colors and paintings midweek, as well as more of the four original palettes. I'll post a blog announcement then so you can go shopping.

Fourth is a special thank you to my readers who bought kits. Your support and enthusiasm mean so much to Emily. She's been working hard to get your orders ready to ship once your payments have been received by the bank. The weekend always delays this a little but we'll get it in the post as soon as we can. When you've received your kits and have had a chance to try them out, please would you consider leaving a review on LavenderChai for Emily?

Finally, I thought I'd share two things:

Here is one - of many - article(s) explaining the difference between watercolor, poster and gouache paint. It might be more technical than most of us need, so scroll and skim as you feel inclined.

And here is a picture of Emily prepping kits. You can't see it, but she's smiling (and concentrating).

Have a lovely weekend, all!

Saturday, April 25, 2020

Lavender Chai

Hello, friends! I hope everyone's still sane out there. The children have finished 4 weeks of Room School. Were they much younger, so that their learning were still very much parent-helped, I might have called it House School. The reality, however, has been much more like three separate classrooms from which the respective children emerge for lunch and bathroom breaks - or to locate and kidnap a cat for company and moral support. Occasionally, I get invited into their lessons in a consultant role, or I hear the muffled conversations from a videoconference with classmates. Otherwise, school proceeds in spite of me or their Dad, and for those few morning hours, when the house is still, it feels almost like the World Before.


Life has been very, very strange. Some of it has been hard on the kids. We learned today that we will not be returning to school this school year. My heart aches for the graduating seniors - 5th, 8th, 12th graders, and the preschoolers preparing to transition to kindergarten. But also for students in all the other levels, for their own missing milestones and hijacked opportunities. I've heard the murmuring on social media: no closure, no rituals, no defining rites of passage. It's abrupt and anticipated all at once. Grief is a complex, gnarly thing. And it is both disconcerting and comforting that we are all experiencing it together (while obediently spatial distancing, I mean).

Aside: I have grown quite weary of hearing the term "social distancing". I've decided to call it "spatial distancing" instead. It feels more hopeful: we're simply spaced apart while still being connected socially.

But I digress. Let's return to the children and their new routines. One thing they've said they do like about their new school arrangement is how quickly they can be done with their schoolwork most days if they stay on task. This translates to free afternoons and evenings for random pleasurable pursuits. Bike rides around the neighborhood and slime-making in the garage, for instance. Lots of baking and even some cooking. And experimenting with new media. Like gouache paint, which Emily has been enjoying. 

This was new to me, so in case it's new to you, too, gouache (pronounced 'g-wash') paints are like watercolors but more opaque, so you can layer them over each other like acrylic but they're re-wettable after they dry, like watercolors. 

Emily's had so much fun with them that she's made mini kits and mailed them to her friends to share the love. Mini paintings, Emily says, are more accessible than larger ones - particularly if you're new to watercolors, a full-size painting can feel a little intimidating. But anyone can finish a little one like this (they're the size of Polaroids), and they're so cute. 

See? Eee!

We now have two very exciting announcements:

One, you can now buy these mini gouache paint kits! Because . . . (drum roll) 

two, Emily has a brand new Etsy store Lavender Chai

Some of you might remember that she and her good friend Sophie launched their joint Etsy store Owl & Hedgie last year. That's where they've stocked their traveler's notebooks which they'd worked on together. Lavender Chai is Emily's second - and solo - store, and where you'll find her gouache kits.

Come on the tour!

Each kit comes with a palette with dots of gouache paint, a blank 2.75" x 3" watercolor-paper card, and instructions. The watercolor card comes edged with removable painter's tape to help the paint stay within the frame.

Don't be fooled by the tininess of the dots - if you're familiar with watercolor, you'll know that a small bit goes a long way. The combinations were endless, but Emily picked four to start -

ocean, rainbow, sunset and potted plants:

They're so easy to paint with - all you need are a paint brush (any kind) and a container of water. 

Dip, wet and paint!

Here are some sample pictures she painted,

with the four color palettes.

They're only $4 each and if you're in the US, the shipping's on us! Everyone from little kids to adults can use them, and they'll make thoughtful and creative gifts. Send a couple to friends stuck at home like Emily did. Surprise a creative mom (or grandma!) with one of these tucked into a Mother's Day card. Or a favorite teacher to say thank you for holding the fort. Or just save one for yourself - if you've ever wanted to try watercolor or in this case, gouache, this is a perfect chance to give it a go.

Come visit Emily's new Etsy store! We'd love to put a set or two in the mail for you! 

Also check out Lavender Chai on Instagram @ lavenderchaico to see more pictures of paintings and the kits in action.