Sunday, April 26, 2020

Lavender Chai and Gouache Kits Update

Happy Sunday!

I'm stopping in today to give everyone a quick update on Emily's gouache kits, which are currently sold out in her Etsy store.  She is so thrilled by your overwhelming support - and everyone's interest in gouache paints in general. The kits flew off the virtual shelves, as it were, and she spent all of yesterday happily preparing her orders and restocking the shop. At one point, we ran out of supplies but fortunately a nearby store was able to offer a curbside pickup. At the same time, I was working out how to fulfill a custom order in my own Etsy store with just my stash materials and some creative substitutions because my go-to supplier wasn't open. Both reminded me that we are living in very different times now, and times like these sometimes call for mental acrobatics and a lot of flexibility.

Updates now:

First, yes, there will be more kits in Emily's shop by the end of today! Yay! Please check in later this evening.

Second, Emily is preparing some new color palettes for future kits. Restocking supplies and materials has necessitated upping the price of upcoming kits to $5. Domestic (US) shipping is still free, and we think it's still a steal, but we thank you for understanding, regardless. Current kits are still $4 (including the ones being restocked tonight).

Third, if you don't see a lot of action in Emily's shop after the weekend, it's only because she's back at (online) school while also prepping the new kits and palettes for you. She says she should have some exciting new paint colors and paintings midweek, as well as more of the four original palettes. I'll post a blog announcement then so you can go shopping.

Fourth is a special thank you to my readers who bought kits. Your support and enthusiasm mean so much to Emily. She's been working hard to get your orders ready to ship once your payments have been received by the bank. The weekend always delays this a little but we'll get it in the post as soon as we can. When you've received your kits and have had a chance to try them out, please would you consider leaving a review on LavenderChai for Emily?

Finally, I thought I'd share two things:

Here is one - of many - article(s) explaining the difference between watercolor, poster and gouache paint. It might be more technical than most of us need, so scroll and skim as you feel inclined.

And here is a picture of Emily prepping kits. You can't see it, but she's smiling (and concentrating).

Have a lovely weekend, all!

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  1. Ooooh, she has beautiful long artistic fingers xxx why am I not surprised !


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