Monday, June 8, 2020

Lavender Chai and Gouache Kits: An Update

Some fun updates today!

First, Emily has added a new mini painting kit to her Etsy store, called Sunflowers!

She, Kate and some of their friends have been painting beautiful things with it. I love seeing each girl's creativity turning the same colors into four very different pictures.

(L-R, top row: Emily, Kate; bottom row: Mary, Riley)

Second, while on the subject of variation, Emily has been revisiting her kits and making some new art with them. When she first launched her kits, she'd only had time to paint a single sample for each. Since then, she's been playing around with a couple of the kits - same colors, different outcomes -  to inspire you to run with your ideas and see where they'll take you.

Here is her Sunset kit, with the original landscape art and a new painting of our cat Milo in a field of wheat.

This is her Galaxy kit, with the original astro sample and new unicorn art.

Third, inspiration line art. If you'd thought, "how nice it'd be if there were a guided picture of sorts to follow along with as I paint," you're not alone. It's always nice to have a starting point! In response to requests for line sketches to accompany the kits, Emily made black-and-white drawings of her sample paintings that you can download to have next to you as you paint. Or, if you'd bought kits as gifts, to print and send to their recipients. 

Finally, and most exciting: Emily now has a blog, where she writes about painting, the materials and media she uses, other aspects of her process, and other fun things she likes to do that are hard to share on instagram. You can find links to her Etsy shop there, as well as those aforementioned printable PDFs. Fresh off the press is a lovely tutorial on painting outdoors and on the road with helpful tips on working with paint and some links to the supplies she uses. 

You can also find that line art printable on her blog, under the Freebies tab:

I hope you'll stop by and say hello!


  1. I did find Emily’s blog a couple days ago and have since subscribed to it in my reader. She does a beautiful job (just like her mom)! ❤️

  2. I've been intimidated about "doing art" since my last art class in the 9th grade. Having three very talented sisters made me say, "I'm creative, not artistic!", but now, at age 61, I plan to purchase a kit or two and try my hand at these painting techniques. Yay, Emily! Thank you.

  3. Such a clever teen! The printable link didn't work for me, but I do have a blog post coming up where I think I'll be able to link to her art on the go setup.

    1. MaryAnne, how frustrating that the link didn't work for you! I checked the link at Emily's Freebie tab and it worked for me. I can email you the file if you'd like it. Email me?


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