Saturday, November 28, 2020

Lavender Chai's Holiday Kits & Sale

Psst . . . 

 . . . there're some fabulous things going on in Emily's Etsy store Lavender Chai this weekend. If you've just joined us, Lavender Chai is my daughter's Etsy store, where she sells gouache and watercolor mini painting kits containing a paint dot card, taped watercolor paper and instructions to create a painting that's about the size of a Polaroid. The all-season kits are always in stock, but she's also added some seasonal kits for the holidays - kits to make beautiful pictures

and gift tags.

She also has a gorgeous advent-calendar style bundle, The Twelve Days of Mini Painting Kits, which features exclusive holiday kits and a curated collection of her most popular all-season kits, a paintbrush and handmade packaging.

For just 50c, you can add a customized gift wrap to any of your purchases.

Mini-painting kits are wonderful stocking stuffers and can be popped into an envelope and mailed to friends and family for the price of a first class stamp. Emily's kits have also been requested for birthday parties, weddings, office gifts and more. 

And this weekend, there's a storewide 20%-off sale

That's 20% off everything.

And then there's the free stuff. 
Like a sticker and free shipping with every order.

And if your order's over USD$35, you'll get this free exclusive Eucalyptus mini-painting kit on top of everything else.

Spread the word, tell your friends and visit Lavender Chai here

For bulk prices, you can convo Emily via her Etsy store or contact her through any of her social media accounts

Thank you for supporting Emily!

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  1. What a cool idea! Congratulation to your daughter for her creativity.
    Greetings Sandra


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