Sunday, November 22, 2020

The Medical Doll Set Pattern on Sale!

I am excited to announce that the Medical Doll Set sewing pattern is available for purchase!

You can read all about the story behind the pattern in this earlier post. Today, let's dive right into the nuts and bolts.

What are the dimensions of the projects?
A  The doll is 16" tall from the top of its head to its feet. When seated, it measures 9" high. The medical center/storage bag is 10" x 6" x 6".

Q What can you make from the pattern?
A The pattern contains instructions to make a soft fabric doll (both boy-with-short-hair and girl-with-long-hair,

or no hair),

nine accessories, including a bouffant cap, gown, thermometer, reversible sleeping mat,

arm bandage, arm sling, foot cast, rolls of wrapping bandage,

and face mask; 

and a 2-in-1 storage bag and interactive medical center, 

which features and EKG/ECG monitoring system

a blood pressure measuring system,

and an ultrasound scanning system.

Q Are the projects sewn by hand or with the sewing machine?
A They are designed to be sewn with the machine, although there are a few steps in which hand-stitching is required, such as the embellishment of facial and other surface details, and other steps in which hand-sewing is suggested as an alternative to machine-stitching that allows more control and precision.

Q What sewing skill level is this pattern suitable for?
A Some experience with a sewing machine is necessary. These are the prerequisite skills needed to tackle the projects in this pattern.

While an intermediate-level seamstress would find this quite manageable, adventurous beginners could also enjoy this. There are many individual projects in this pattern that would be considered entry-level, in that they involve sewing a single straight or curved seam on flat pieces of fabric, and hand-embroidery. Quite a few of the pieces are rectangles or squares. The recommended materials are easy to work with (most are light-weight cotton, fleece and felt). There are no zippers. You'll need to be familiar with the technique of bias tape binding, but there are links in the pattern to my online tutorials for bias binding and common hand embroidery stitches

Q Would this be suitable for my teen who loves dolls? She's made face masks and scrunchies.
A The projects in this pattern are three-dimensional. In that respect, they will be a new level of challenge for a seamstress who has worked primarily on flat projects. They should be able to accomplish a good proportion of the projects in this pattern on their own, and the rest with help from someone with more experience in the techniques that are less familiar to them. An important tip for success with these projects is precision and accuracy. Taking the time to measure and cut accurately (i.e. a 6-1/2" square should not be "eyeballed" as a 6-1/4" x 6-3/4" rectangle) will increase the ease of the sewing process and produce the best-looking final product.

Q What's the format of the pattern?
A The pattern consists of 1 cover page, 58 pages of step-by-step text instructions and annotated full-color photos, and 7 pages of full-size templates.

Q Is it just text instruction or are there pictures, too?
A There are almost 60 pages of text instruction interspersed with over 100 color photos (with annotations).  Here are a couple of sample pages:

Q Will I need to enlarge the templates or stick them together with tape?
A All the templates are full-size and need no enlargement. Most can be used as is; a few must to be placed on double-folded fabric and the piece cut out unfolded to its full size.

Q Are seam allowances included in the templates and cut dimensions?
A The templates do not include seam allowances. Some of the templates will be used to cut out fabric pieces (which require seam allowances) as well as their associated interfacing pieces (which should not have seam allowances). For consistency, the seam allowances were omitted from all templates. Reminders are placed throughout the instructions to add seam allowances where applicable. Seam allowances are included in the given dimensions of other cut pieces which do not have accompanying templates.

Q What materials do I need?
A Here are the lists of recommended materials, including fabric, notions and equipment.

Q  What if I can't find some of these materials? What can I substitute?
A  Alternatives are suggested in the following pages:

Q How is the Medical Doll Set pattern different than the Owie Doll pattern?
A The full list of differences is tabled below. Three of the main differences to highlight:

1 Both dolls are structurally different and constructed differently as a result. For example, the Medical Doll has yarn hair and a round (3D) head while the Owie Doll has felt hair and a flat (2D) head. The Medical Doll has integrated feet (no added pieces) while the feet of the Owie Doll feet have attached soles. 

2  The Owie Doll pattern contains instructions for the Owie Doll and accessories (including the sleeping bag and storage bag). It does not contain instructions for any medical equipment. The Med Hub pattern, which contains instructions for a medical station, is an add-on pattern that must be purchased separately. The Medical Doll Set pattern is an all-in-one pattern containing instructions to make the doll(s) and accessories as well as the dual medical center/storage bag. 

3  The projects in the Medical Doll set involve slightly simpler construction techniques than those in the Owie Doll pattern.

Q What is the cost of this pattern?
A The Medical Doll Set pattern costs $16.

Q Where do I buy it?
A All my sewing patterns can be found in my e-junkie shop

Buy the Medical Doll Set pattern here

You can also find my patterns through the "Patterns For Sale" tab at the top of my blog homepage, right under my blog banner. On that page, you will also find technical information about the download process, and read more about each sewing pattern. Follow the links below each pattern image to purchase that pattern as well as access earlier posts containing photos and stories behind each project.

If you are in the EU, please email me directly at to purchase the pattern via Paypal invoice (which is instant) or an Etsy listing (allow a couple days to process payment).

Q  Can you tell us more about the kits?
A Yes, I can! I'll share more details tomorrow - what's in them, what parts you'll be able to customize and how to order them.

Happy making!


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