Saturday, December 5, 2020

Medical Dolls Now in the Shop!

Hello everyone! 

Am happy to announce that you can now buy my Medical Dolls in my Etsy shop! I know I said I'd list them a week ago, but it turns out that taking and editing photos took a lot longer than I'd anticipated. I'm sorry to have kept you waiting! 

Anyway, they're in the shop now, with time enough to be shipped in time for the holidays, to US addresses, at least. 

There are three sets in the shop i.e. each set comes with a medical center and a girl doll. 

If you were looking for boy dolls, there are also two in stock, each with a full set of medical accessories. 

I apologize for there not being a boy-doll-medical-center-set combination; I happened to have three girl dolls and three medical centers ready to ship, and it seemed a convenient way to pair them up. As always, if you're purchasing multiple items to be shipped to the same address, Etsy should combine those and save you some shipping costs; if that doesn't show up in your order, I'll manually refund you any significant difference.

I've also been wanting to share some updates on Kate's digital art endeavors. Some of you might remember from this post that Kate has a Redbubble site on which she sells her adorable kawaii art on a variety of print-on-demand items. This has been great fun for her to do, but she realized she was missing out on the hands-on aspect of direct selling, such as photographing stock, listing items and personally packing an order and shipping it out to customers. 

We're excited to share that you can now also buy her stickers on Etsy! Come visit Blissful Bunny Co

where Kate has stocked her stickers. 

You'll be able to buy the same stickers singly as you would on her Redbubble site (and yes, they're waterproof, too!)

but because she's fully in control of the printing format, she's also able to offer full sets of her stickers (at a discount) and ship them to you more quickly. 

So do check out both her sites for fun ideas for gifts for your wee ones (or anyone who's young at heart). Shipping is free in her Etsy store, and she's excited to be able to personally print and pack stickers for you!

Quick links:

Visit LiEr's Etsy shop for Medical Dolls: ikatbag

Visit Kate's Etsy shop for stickers and sticker sets: Blissfulbunnyco

Visit Kate's Redbubble site for her art on print-on-demand items: Bunnybubbles

Thank you for being such awesome cheerleaders for me and my kids over the years, you guys. Your solidarity and support have encouraged them and helped them believe in the value of handmade, first by watching my blog readership and sewing adventures grow, and now by venturing out themselves as independent artists. We appreciate you!