Thursday, January 7, 2021

So My Hair Got Caught In A Bobbin

How to even begin to explain? I was trying to multitask, see. Foot on the pedal winding a bobbin on the machine while leaning over to plug the lamp in. In hindsight not a good combination. Had to look trepidatiously in the mirror later to assure self that there wasn't a gaping hole in my hairline (no, there wasn't and yes, I'm OK). Even more traumatic was having to unwind the bobbin to get the hair out so I wasn't inadvertently sewing human keratin into my seams later. Gross. Why do I do stuff like this? 

Anyway, sorry if you guys were expecting one of those Oh Look At What I Accomplished In 2020 In Spite Of It Being A Crummy Year And I Can't Wait To See What Me And My Sewing Machine Can Create Together In 2021!!!! blog posts. Me and my sewing machine made a creepy horror movie prop, is what. 

Hope your year is off to a less embarrassing start! See you back here soon for a mitten tutorial! 😊