Saturday, May 15, 2021

Blue Jay

Bird #4 is a Blue Jay (which some of you guessed right)!

This one was a lot of fun to make, because of all the additional details.

The wings

and tail, 

the striking black feathers against the white and blue, 

and the markings on that sweet little face.

Here's that crest again, which the same as the Cardinal's.

After I was done taking these "studio" shots, it occurred to me that nobody could really tell how small these birds were,

even against the backdrop of nature.

So I went back outside with my camera and took more shots with the girls holding them.

Here are a couple more of the other birds:

You know what they say about a bird in the hand being worth more than  . . . okay, I won't be corny and finish that expression.  

In the next post, I'll do a quick roundup of the birds and share a fun announcement!


  1. Oh. This is my favorite one 😊

  2. I’ve loved this series!

    BTW…I live just a few miles from Bird-in-Hand, PA. 🙂

  3. This bird is very handsome, as are your others in this series. Did you know that blue jays are in the Corvid family along my ever-favorite crows?

  4. Delightful! You somehow managed to capture that Blue Jay confidence, too.


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