Tuesday, May 11, 2021

Documenting Stitches

I've become that person. 

The one who forgets what something's called 5 minutes after making it - yes, that person. 

I can't keep track of all those names, I tell you. Devised this system in desperation to remind myself. So I know what words to type into the Google search when I next want to use this stitch. Because in addition to the what, I also can't remember the how. I envision a closet full of washcloths by Fall - my catalog of stitches, as it were. This might well mean that I won't actually make anything remotely useful, like a scarf or a throw, for, well, eternity. That's OK, though - collecting stitches is fun. 

Here's an update on where I am. My current WIP is a cable somethingy that may or may not also be called a crossover whatsit. And the waffle-looking one is in limbo because they were 3D squares and it took me like 5 rows to realize that squares are not my favorite shape. Tonight I'm going to look up "shell stitch" on YouTube because I've become bored making borders of sc and dc and hdc. 

Ooo - wait . . . did you see what I just did there? 

Used jargon. 


And not just lingo - acronyms, those unpronounceable nonword code things reserved for the in-crowd (or people who work in the government). Reality check: I don't want you to think I know what I'm talking about, though, because I still don't. You should see the edges of my washcloths stitch directory entries before I camouflaged them with borders - all mangy and holey, like rats had got at them.

Ah well.

But do you know what I'm most pleased with in the photo? The fact that my tags are circles. That redeems everything. 


  1. It doesn’t have to be perfect to be beautiful, or worth doing, or therapeutic. You’re having fun! It’s great. I feel the same way about anything I don’t do all the time. Playing a card game? Remind me how that goes....

  2. I noticed the tags first. Lovely handwriting and the paper discs with holes punched, perfection!

  3. I a visual crochet book that has pictures of stitches and then instructions but this is much more satisfying on a sensory level.

  4. I love this! Now I want a stitch directory. Since I learned to crochet in middle school, I didn’t really do samples. I’d just pick up a project I wanted to make and learn as I go. Of course that’s also true of sewing for me. The only formal instruction in any sewing or stitchery was when I was 12. Fortunately, I’m not afraid to try new things, and the internet and YouTube has made it so easy. Thank you for sharing your learning adventure.

  5. You don't have to be 'good' at an art form to enjoy it. You can enjoy a walk & no one asks if you're good at it. Relax into the process, & stop worrying about not being perfect

  6. I have an ancient baby blanket crocheted by a great aunt (grandma?) with popcorn stitch. I tried countless times to replicate it, but it's still just very large 'washcloth in the closet.' LOL


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