Monday, May 10, 2021


Bird #2 in the series of mini-Menagerie birds I've been making. 

This is the American Goldfinch.

So simple to make, and loads of fun to create those wing feather details.

We see them often at our bird feeders, and throughout our yard. They're such little, bright birds, in that pretty lemon yellow.

This striking coloring belongs to the breeding males, incidentally. The breeding females are paler yellow and their non-breeding counterparts are brown. 

Here's a silly shot of the goldfinch stuffed into one of those bubble pods I'd made earlier. One of the kids set up a faux nesting situation and left it there for me to find.


  1. So adorable, and the nest is perfect! 💛

  2. I loved watching goldfinches when we lived in Massachusetts. We don't really see them in California. Such a cute nesting pose your child set up, too.


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