Tuesday, May 25, 2021

Spring Birds Kits!

The Spring Birds Kits are now in my Etsy shop!

There are four different ones - one to make each of the birds.

Included in each kit are fleece and 100%-wool felt for the bird's body and appendages, knit fabric and poly pellets for the pellet bag, and safety eyes (I threw in an extra pair in case you make a mistake and need a spare). You'll need to provide your own stuffing and sewing thread in coordinating colors, plus black and white. 

Please note that while the kits are meant to be used with the Spring Birds sewing pattern, they do NOT include the pattern, which has to be purchased separately here on my blog or directly from my pattern store here (find it on page 2).

Each kit comes with an individual discount code for $4 off the sewing pattern, which makes this a sweet deal for a gift for a sewing friend. After Etsy has notified me of the payment, I'll email you the code, so be sure to use an up-to-date email address at the checkout. 

At present, there is a limited number of each bird kit, because I made a small initial order of the wool felt. If the kit you want is sold out, just shoot me an email and I can order more materials to restock them. 

Head to my Etsy store to grab your favorites now, and happy sewing!

P.S. I loved your bird suggestions in this post so much that I picked a couple from your list to make (also because bird-making is strangely addictive). I'll share them in upcoming posts, along with results from an experiment on how the grain orientation of the fabric may or may not change the shape of the bird. See you back here soon!

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  1. I missed the suggestions before but wanted to suggest the Hoopoe which has a cool name, a crest and striped wings


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