Friday, November 26, 2021

Mini Painting Kit Sale!

Happy Thanksgiving, friends!

I hope this has been a restful weekend - whether or not you celebrate Thanksgiving, this time of the year can get so busy with all the preparations for the year-end holidays. We got together with family yesterday and ate and talked and marveled at a year that began in such a shroud of uncertainty and dread. Can you believe that this is the same year in which vaccines were made available? It feels like that happened last year, not this spring. I am thankful for so much, and grieving so much, and trying to train my body to relax again. After a year of simmering anxiety, I've realized I need to relearn how to feel okay. And has that been that way for you? Has it surprised you as much as it has me, how all that has happened in just this one year?

I am happy to report that in a year of ups and downs, Emily's Etsy shop Lavender Chai has been one of the definite ups. 

Initially started as a Covid-lockdown experiment in the early spring of last year, it's blossomed into a delightful pastime and kept her steadily occupied as during the past summer breaks and well into the school year also. She's launched 30 new products, including new mini painting kits and bundles, and has loads of ideas for more to come. 

This weekend, she's having a huge sale, so I'm helping to spread the word here on the old blog:

there are discounts on all items in the store,

plus freebies!

There's also a limited-time deal on her popular monthly mini-painting kit subscriptions (currently available as 3-month and 6-month options). The 25% discount doesn't apply to the subscriptions - instead, you'll get an extra month free when you sign up for a new subscription during the sale.

These mini-painting kits make fun and unique stocking stuffers and are wonderful gifts for friends and loved ones excited about picking up a new skill. But don't forget to treat yourself to a kit (or two or five!) to enjoy through the winter days ahead. There's nothing like the quiet after Christmas and the new year to learn something new (I learned to crochet in February - again, marveling that that happened this year)!

Come visit Emily's Etsy shop here!

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