Thursday, July 30, 2009

What Made Me Smile Really Wide

Some time ago I posted about this foam garden I made for the girls - the one with the pickable strawberries and whatnot. It was an insane project. Loved every minute of it but just thinking of it now makes me feel very tired. The girls still play with it and Kate has stopped chewing the strawberries but truth be told, the felt cake gets a lot more playtime than the garden does. Maybe because it's summer and we are out watering our real tomato plants (I'd thought of doing a tomato plant but tomatoes are so... bunchy and viney and then there are the tomato horn worms!!!!! Ick. Ick. Ick. Ick.) Perhaps in the winter when we're missing all things living outdoors, it might become Toy of the Week.

Anyway, in recent weeks, I've been thrilled to receive some emails and comments from readers who've actually made the foam-and-felt dirt and gardens! Yes! I was so excited to see the fabulous variations they made to the original design, most notable being some very cool containers for the dirt. Mine, you remember, was just bare brown stuff that looked like a furrowed cushion. But theirs- oh, here, here, I'll stop gabbing and tell you where to go see for yourself.

Chris the Gardener finished this wonderful box of dirt. and is now working on the flowers. Go see what she's planted in the dirt meanwhile! She finished it! Just today! So I updated this link - go see it here! Her flowers are astounding.

The Masked Mommy made hers out of pool noodles and teaches you how here.
Cupkateer added these incredible corn stalks with pickable ears of corn here.


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  1. Glad to hear this made you smile! I love your blog and when I saw the flower garden and read your pool noodle idea, my brain couldn't stop going until I built it! :-)


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