Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Another Mythical Beast

Finished up a new batch of felt flowers two weeks ago -

and look who came to check them out:

A brand new unicorn - a custom order
for a sweet little girl's birthday.

She might be very surprised to learn that nobody actually
knows what to feed these creatures. We're packing off
these flowers and a couple of carrots to buy her some time
while she goes off collecting rainbows and moonbeams
and other tasty morsels for her new BFF.

Emily and Jewel (her own unicorn) were a little sad to say
goodbye, but even they understand that it's just ridiculous
to have more than one unicorn per household. I mean, we
have to share all their magical sparklyness (and the dilemma
of their diet) with other people, don't we? It's common sense.


  1. Oh my goodness, I love the unicorns and the horses and the food is so clever. You are clever. Its not often something reduces me to oohs and aahs likened to a 5yr old these days, but these did.

  2. Gorgeous unicorn - I'm sure she will be well-loved by her recipient.

  3. my 3 year old asked Daddy for a unicorn just last night! her birthday is next month, where can i find her her own mythical beast?

  4. I just love your unicorn. She is very pretty. Great job.


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