Thursday, August 20, 2009

Bag for Mum

Mum's birthday today. Goodness, I miss her.
Why don't we have teleporters?

Made her a satchel/messenger bag thing.

The texture of embroidered fabric! Rich, yet subtle. It just
occurred to me that I've recently been making a lot of bags
(all, actually) from home-decor fabric. Why is that?
I should just rename this blog Upholstery Bag.

Lots of zippered pockets and open internal pockets for
sunglasses, cellphone etc. And one of those hidden
magnetic snaps so you
never see it. Brilliant invention, that.

But the strap - I am in love with the strap.
It is not often that I make something and fall in love with it.
Most of the time, I look at it and say, "what possessed you to
try that?" This strap, though, I love. It has balance.

My ratty old bag/purse/dumping ground for dessicated
Cheerios is so pathetic that I really should make another
just like this for myself. I actually saved the pattern I drew
up for this bag! Unnaturally foresighted! True, it's on
some scrap paper that looks dangerously like an
packing order but at least I didn't draw lines directly onto the
fabric like I usually do with my bags. Yes, very weird technique.
If I did this again, I'd make some changes, like attaching
the side buckles lower. Couldn't do that this time because
of the placement of the internal pockets and the ridiculously
thick interfacing. Why I didn't use 600 denier nylon
instead I don't know. I have jumped on the interfacing
bandwagon and obviously forgotten how to get off. Dangerous.


  1. Omg - I love this bag! You did a fantastic job! You're mom is one lucky gal!!

  2. This bag is beautiful. Your Mum will love it. Its crazy that I've had in my mind to make a very similar style of purse for myself for this fall. I love the fabric that you chose and would be thrilled if I could find something similar. You should put a bag like this in your shop. (Hint. hint.)

  3. What a stunning bag! I'm totally in awe and very jealous of your mum too! If you ever feel like sharing a tutorial for this design I'd be very happy indeedy!!!

    Lucy xx

  4. Beautiful bag!

    I dream of teleportation daily...

  5. Maybe your next tutorial could be on a teleporter, made of cardboard of course!

  6. Wonderful bag! The stuff dreams are made of!

  7. How do you sew so perfectly? Are you an animatronic cyborg?

  8. Thank you, all! Alice: don't know if I'll ever get around to sewing a second bag like this. But if I do, it will go in the shop!
    Katie: Two words: seam ripper.

  9. L, your stuff is all so great. But this is especially stunning. Wow! Beautiful!!!

    By the way, where did you get the hidden magntic closure?

  10. Oh, and I second MaryAnne's idea... I could use one of those too.

  11. Oh, I am sure your mom is going to love this bag! It is simply BEAUTIFUL!!! (And I am really not a bag kinda person!) :-)


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