Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Hello Kitty Round 1

Thank you all, for the funny comments on the last Hello Kitty post. You know what - pink is not the end of the world. I mean, it could be worse. Emily could have asked for pet caterpillars. I try to keep my perspective that way. Honestly, though, I'm already having fun preparing for this party. Not only because any birthday party is an excuse to bake and sew but just to watch the light in Emily's eyes when she talks about it, and contributes her ideas, and handmakes her invitations and gets so involved in everything. She asked me today why people celebrate birthdays. To give thanks for another amazing year with that person, honey. Today it rained, so no parks for us. Instead we did a dry run of the cookies, using a new recipe for frosting that hardens but doesn't taste like sweetened cardboard. Meringue powder is genius! Thank you, Meaghan! I've also just sewed 10 Hello Kitties. That sounds funny. And it is. I have learnt this: Hello Kitty has a planetoid of a head.


  1. I hope this doesn't offend you, but I cam across this blog a few months ago...
    If you need a place to laugh, vent or comiserate (not for children)

  2. LOL....I think pink and kitties are DEFINITELY better than caterpillars. When my daughter was born I swore I would never give into princesses, pink, cheap plastic our house if full of them.

  3. Meringue powder is genius, I discovered it just in time for Emma's last birthday.

    10 Hello Kitties - wow! Will you post a picture? Please?

    We have a new obsession in our home as of Tuesday: My Little Pony. I'm hoping it loses its appeal by February, because I don't know how I would sew or bake a pony...

  4. I think pink is the best color ever! It grows on you. And the Hello Kitty cookies are so cute!

  5. Ashley: Can't believe I'm confessing this in public but pink has grown on me. As a young person, black was my favorite color. And I swore that if I had daughters they would never be the pink-princess-teaparty sorts. And look what happened! And we have so much pink at home!

    MaryAnne: Yes, for you, I will post a picture (or 10). Look out for a coming post! It's the bizarrest ever!
    P.S. We are slowly becoming knowledgeable on Little Pony issues, too. Against the will of the parents, I assure you. But knowledgeable, nonetheless.


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