Saturday, August 22, 2009

A Tale

'Twas a midsummer morning and all through the house
Not a creature was stirring, not even a mouse
The family rises from bed one by one

To welcome the bright golden rays of the sun
They patter to breakfast, tuck into their food
Give thanks for the sweet night, and pray for the good.

Then, dishes all cleared, they start the new day -

With Dad to the office, the kids out to play.

While Mom to the mirror, retires in despair

To gloomily gaze at her horrible hair

That she thinks is genetic (although it is Kate
and her sharp little teeth who're to blame for this trait).

Then back out to Grandma and Grandpa to visit -

A typical day for the Joneses - or is it?

They sit with the thought not occurring at all:
There might, quite remotely, just outside their walls,

Be something so strange that, with nary a sound
Will descend on their safe little world unannounced;
Is right at this moment, preparing to show
Its terrible face to the family below
There's no time for warning, no minute to spare -
Poor Joneses, the horror is already there!

Aiyee! Oh, that figure! That form! Shriek! That face!

And fie! There are more there all over the place!

The children! The children! Oh save them! Too late!

They've seen them! It's futile! What terrible fate!

A coup! Infiltration! Invasion! 'Tis war!

There's never been anything like it before!

And worse - how insidious - the terror is shared

With other poor innocents - no one is spared!
Can nothing be done? Can no savior be found?

To capture the enemy, turn things around?

Or, hopeless, must we sit, extremities curled
While mouthless white felines take over the world?
But wait - in the distance, a hero arises-
It's small but determined - surprise of surprises!
Kantankerous Katie, her lips in an "O"
And spouting a string of her favorite word "No!"

To capture the kitties! Surveying the scene,
She's come to the rescue! She's come to redeem!
Sweet mercies! All Toydom is safe! Safe, and sound
And from every throat, celelebration resounds!
Then midst all the cheers, Dad returns from his work

Discovers his household completey berserk.

"A typical pre-dinner scene at the Joneses,"
He thinks as he kisses each one of their noses.

"Fun day?" he inquires. "Well then, lucky you.
What a drag at the office - same old, nothing new:

Just ornery clients - huge problems to clear -

It always seems far, far more peaceful back here!"

*From the famous poem by
Clement Clarke Moore
**No small superheroes, toys or animals were harmed during filming.


  1. you are so clever!! love your version of this poem - hilarious. And I feel for the mother gazing with gloomy despair at her hair!

  2. Absolutely, well and truly, totally and utterly WOW! Your poem/tale is hysterical! You are so funny!

    Such a relief that Kantankarous Kate came to the rescue!

    Lucy x

  3. Thanks for the giggles - I'm SO glad Kate saved us Joneses! (Lol) Those Hello Kitties look awesome, even without any pink! =)

  4. I haven't stopped giggling yet.... almost chocked on my coffee sitting here this morning reading this fun poem..... How well you captured a day at home with small children! Thanks for the smiles!

  5. You had me laughing out loud at this! But I wonder: were this pictures you just happened to take or did you set the whole thing up (in your "free" time)?

  6. Thanks for a much-needed smile this morning =)

  7. Genius! Pure Genius! Ah, that all children could have mommies so clever! Me thinks Kantankarous Kate's mommy is Wonder Woman.

  8. hysterical!! the pictures are great, so funny!

  9. I think the picture of the "townspeople" fleeing in terror in grass is my favorite.

    Awesome post!

  10. That was so adorable! Looks like some definite fun was had.

  11. So fun! Over here, we were all relieved when dad came home to just some general chaos. He always misses the fun.

  12. So funny! The poem - amazing! The photos - hilarious!!!

  13. aaaaah haaaa! love it. evil mouthless kitties. you should write childrens books.

  14. Chuckle, Chuckle, he he! That was awesome!


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