Monday, January 11, 2010

20 New Year Resolutions

  1. I will not eat nutella.
  2. I will only buy fabric that is on sale.
  3. I will buy print fabric (that is on sale).
  4. I will only sew when the children are napping.
  5. I will not sew after midnight.
  6. I will throw away the JoAnn ads before reading them.
  7. I will fold the laundry.
  8. I will do meal planning at the start of each week instead of 10 minutes before dinner time.
  9. I will not harbor resentment in my heart when the husband throws away cardboard boxes.
  10. I will not draft patterns on the backs of packing slips.
  11. I will stop plotting to buy an Orla Kiely bag to cut the fabric out to sew stuff.
  12. I will be more tolerant to pink as an acceptable color.
  13. I will stop mass-producing, or else get psychiatric help.
  14. I will keep my sewing projects contained to one room and not spread them all over the entire basement floor.
  15. I will finish all projects within 365 days of starting them.
  16. I will stop hoarding bags of fiberfill.
  17. I will sleep.
  18. I will learn the names of the parts of my sewing machine.
  19. I will not roll my eyes at to the JoAnn cutting staff when they ask me what I am making.
  20. I will not eat nutella.

As if.

There is catharsis in delusion sometimes.


  1. Well you silly girl! Only no. 18 is realistic... tsk

  2. An absolutely perfect resolution post. I whole heartedly concur!

  3. That is too cute. I see myself in lots of those items. For example, the sleep one... Last night I was still up at 2am going strong. The only thing is, I had to get back up by 5:30am. I get on a roll working on stuff at night or blogging and can't quit. Oh well. Love & blessings from NC!

  4. Looks like a list of resolutions made to be broken! A year without nutella alone would do me in...

  5. Your list is nearly identical to mine, however, I do not delude myself so completely...there is no way to avoid Nutella.
    Melissa, who is opening a new jar today.

  6. Haha. I laughed at no.1 cos I could never do that myself.

  7. No. 6 is never going to happen. You'll talk yourself into a peek everytime. I must also be the only one to never try Nutella, what is it? Good Luck!

  8. You're cracking me up! Your resolutions show your true passionate heart.

  9. I always want to roll my eyes at the JoAnns staff too. Most of them don't even sew and have no clue. Too funny.

    I've never tried nutella, and so maybe I should make it my resolution to buy some soon.

  10. Your list made me laugh! I just finished looking through the Joann's ad from Sunday... and I'm glad I'm not the only one who wants to roll their eyes at the cutting counter.

  11. Nutella is as nessicary to life as air. There is no way that is a feasable goal LOL.

  12. why cannot eat nutella?????
    bizzare resolution!!


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