Friday, January 15, 2010

Dress for Winter - A Summary

I hope you enjoyed following along with the winter dress
series! I picked four styles without sleeves, zippers or
button plackets because I've heard that many of you
think you'd rather not try those yet. Instead, you got
lots of practice in facings and buttonholes! Are you
in a drafting coma yet? Here is a look back:

Pleated skirt with yoke

Pinafore with pleated skirt
Jumper with buttoned shoulders
Gathered jumper with yoke
Wouldn't it be fun to do a tutorial series just on
pockets sometime? Real fun ones, I mean, not just
patch pockets in different shapes. I remember
an apron I embroidered when I was 11 - grandma
sewed these fascinating V-shaped gathered
welt-type pockets in the front for hiding my hands!

I also remember a comment from long ago about
sleeves, so that might be another fun tutorial
series to think about - changing the basic Tshirt
short sleeve into a puff, or a flare.
Another recurring
question I've received in comments is how to add /
whether one can add sleeves to things like jumpers
and sleeveless dresses. The short answer is no - the
armscye is cut differently for a sleeved garment and
a sleeveless garment like a jumper that is
deliberately made roomy around the armscye
for layering over an undershirt.

So many possibilities! And so many dishes to
wash/baskets of laundry to fold in the time
that I have, drat it.

Last year, some of you said you wished I had sons so
I might do some boy clothes. Looking at the amount
of toys I already have for our girls and the time I
already spend in just the girls' section of clothing
stores, I am glad I only have daughters. Still, I hear
what you are saying, and yes, in the very near
future, I will, Lord willing, make one boy garment!
Yes, just for you! See - I already have the fabric for it:

Whom in our house I can cajole into wearing it for
photos, will be tricky, though, since Emily and
Jenna are both in a Dresses Or Die phase, and Kate
will choose a clothing-optional lifestyle whenever
she can get away with it!


  1. I have loved all the dresses!!! Your girls are adorable - thanks for sharing! I look forward to whatever else is up your sleeve (whether it's sleeves or pockets!) ;)

  2. Oooh! So much to look forward to (like tutorials on sleeves and pockets - not dishes and laundry). Your girls are getting so big! It was nice to see the dresses modeled - they look great!

  3. Thank you so much for sharing! i have 3 girls, too!
    I would LOVE to learn how to do those pockets!

  4. Thanks for all your tutorials. I love making clothing for my kid and know it's so much work. I couldn't imagine having to explain to someone else how to do it too! You're sewing is exceptional! It always looks so professional. I love checking your blog. And yes, I'm up for the sleeve challenge. And maybe even a zipper outfit too! I need the practice!

  5. Your girls are ADORABLE!

    And I for one love the overload of girly patterns because I have just one child and she too LOVES dresses...

    I would however be VERY interested in a series of pocket tutorials...

  6. That boy fabric is very intriguing - can't wait to see what you turn it into!

    I love the picture with all three girls - the girls are beautiful, and the three dresses are each different but go together perfectly because of your brilliant fabric combinations. I wish I could get Emma to wear tights, but she is in a waistband-phobic phase (unless, of course, the waistband belongs to a skirt or a pair of very summery shorts).

    I would love tutorials on sleeves or pockets, but especially if you can show how to transform t-shirt sleeves into something cuter!

  7. My boys and I are waiting with baited breath . . .

  8. Wow! You are so talented! And generous for sharing your techniques, I am going to try a few of these, sooner than later! Thanks, a bunch.

  9. Yes yes yes boy clothes too!!

    You know you're awesome, don't you?

    So much so I've nominated you for a Sunshine award for your blog.

    Details at my blog.


  10. muy hermosos y prolijos!!!!!felicitaciones!!!!te sigo

  11. I am new to your blog and i am in love!! I wish I could sit here all day nad catch up on old posts! These are adorable dresses! Hoping #3 is a girl so I can make them, if not my friends w/ girls are getting gifted w/ them! :) Even though I am kinda new to sewing I am soo ready to start making clothes!

  12. Hi Lier, I have been searching your blog for the last couple minutes ... but did not find an answer ... So, I have a probably weird question. I have sewn a (long) shirt for my daughter using jersey. Now I would like to add pockets. But I am wondering - what type of fabric should I use for the pockets? (Just some easy patch pockets - at least that's what I think they are called.) Can (or even should?) I use jersey as well? Or would that not work? Or would both work - jersey and regular woven cotton fabric?
    Sorry, I feel really amateurish asking that - but in the end that is really what I am, a bloody beginner! :-)

  13. I just re-discovered your blog. I'd been by once or twice in the past, but this time my daughter napped extra-long so I could peruse it in full! I love your humorous comments and style of writing (and the lack of distracting typos, thank God). The tutorials are fantastic - I've bookmarked a ton of them plus subscribed to your blog.
    Thanks for a fun and relaxing afternoon on the couch! :P

  14. Awesome blog.I will be back!


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