Friday, January 1, 2010

A Year of Sewing Too Much

A new year! Already! I think I might still be stuck in
October last year sometime, trying to catch up. But
January has come and the kids are growing older and
- argh! - not enough time to make all the toys for them
that I want to. Soon they'll be teenagers! Soon they'll
be married! Soon they'll be old ladies! Soon they'll have
their own sewing machines and sergers and I'll be
obselete! Hurrah! I can finally sew myself a small
handkerchief or some other selfish,
not-for-the-children thing!

Collecting my wild-eyed, disheveled-hair self now.

It was fun to look back at the year's worth of stuff that was
made on pure nutella fuel. I love the age my kids are at
now because they provide me with so much inspiration
for things to make for them and with them. They
have the best ideas, the most outrageous suggestions
and make the absolutely most daring challenges.
I listened to them all year, let their visions brew in
my head and got to create these wacky things
that have
childhood written all over them.

Here's a pictorial recap of some of my favorite wacky things:

Thank you all for visiting and purchasing and commenting
and writing to me to share your thoughts this year.
Not to sound like a sentimental old fool (which I am) but
it has brought me much joy to correspond with so many of
you. Often it seemed like you stepped out of the indistinct
online world and became the real people that you are on
your side of the computer screen. And some became friends!
Astonishing and wonderful on so many levels.

I find that as the kids get older (i.e. Kate) and more
reluctant to take naps (i.e. Kate) it gets harder to sew
and take step-by-step photos during the daytime. This is
not to say I will be doing less tutorials this year - it is to say
that there might be some especially murky-looking photos
in future posts, taken in the semi-darkness of the sewing
room in the winter at midnight. But I am also pleased to say
that I have finally figured out how to annotate my pictures,
so at least I can put in arrows to illuminate (ha!)
the particularly useless bits.

I have no new year resolutions, craftwise, except

(i) buy more white thread
(ii) spend less money on craft supplies than groceries
(iii) do not learn to knit or crochet, so as to fulfill (ii).

Have a lovely new year, everyone!


  1. Happy New Year! I have definitely enjoyed seeing your many creations over the past year!

  2. LiEr- Happy New Year to you and yours, your blog has inspired me to dust off my sew machine and make things! Happy New Year to you and yours!

  3. Oh, how can I thank you for sharing all that you have! It's been such a wonderful inspiration to me and it is so true, children are such joyous little instigators when it comes to sewing projects...there's just as you say, too little time. But the fun things to dream up!
    I do hope and pray that the New year brings you smiles and exciting challenges! Thanks again for sharing your talent with the rest of us mamas!

  4. So fun re-seeing all these beautiful cheery projects. Wondered where the donut shop was, then remembered that was last year. (Wow, how quickly the time goes!!!)

    Looking forward to going through the next year with you. But I warn you, I will do my best to break you of your Resolution iii.

  5. Happy New Year! I first came here to see your table tents, can't remember where I saw them linked though. Maybe I'll make one this year!

  6. Look at all you made in just one year! You ROCK!!!

  7. Wishing you a Happy New Year!!! Loved your post and realized when reading it that I somehow completely missed the post about the blue house! How cute and awesome! Am on my way over to the post to check it out ...
    Just wanted to say you are a really awesome person and am very thankful that I met you in 2009! :-)

  8. The tents, the tents, they are brilliant I just love em. my kids are too big and I want one for myself, haha

  9. Great to revisit all those superb projects! Love your 2010 craft list, mine is longer, partially a spill over from 2009.
    Happy sewing!

  10. Great recap! Your projects, ideas, and photos are awesome! I love being inspired by our children too, and seeing your inspiration as well. Sometimes the kids look with me at your blog, and of course want me to make your projects for them. We enjoy seeing what you create! Thank you for continuing to share even without naptimes.

  11. You have definitely been busy this year! Happy New Year to you, and good luck with the craft supplies/ groceries resolution... that cracked me up! (I need more white thread too!)

  12. hi

    I take this opportunity to tell you how impressed I am...
    I spend a whole afternoon (no... not 1...many) to read all your messages, and to look what you have done with your 10 fingers !
    and I didn't let any message... I'm a bad girl

    And me... I'm always asking me WHY I can't find the time to create all my projects...

    (Nutella fuel : I understand now...)

    So... you are very inspiring to me and you must write a book with all your creations !!!! Did you ever think about it ? (I wait for MY sewing book, which must be in store in march...)

    ps: sorry for my english, I'm french...
    Bravo pour ton imagination !


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