Thursday, April 8, 2010

More Goodness from Grandma

I hope you are up for one more post on cushion covers,
because this next set is awesome!
They're embroidered by grandma!

My cousin Merle has been a source of much joy to me,
not only because she's the only other girl in our
generation of otherwise-all-boy cousins, but also
because she supplies me with all kinds of goodies,
like that original Humpty Dumpty pattern, and stories
about grandma. And photos of the amazing work
grandma did. Thank you Merle!

As far as I know, Grandma didn't surf blogs for
inspiration (he he!) and while she did own a lot of
printed sewing resources in her day, so much of her
patterns and designs are her own, inspired by what
she saw around her, like greeting cards and
(I love this story) her dreams. How envious
I am that mum got to learn free-hand
embroidery first-hand from her.

This is my grandmother's bird series:

I personally can't get over that peacock.
And turkey. And those chickens!
They make my own chickens look like, er.... well, toys.


  1. Those are AMAZING! You obviously come from a long line of talent!

  2. Thanks for sharing your family's amazing sewing pieces with us! They are awe inspiring!

  3. So beautiful! The cranes(Maybe? I don't really know my bird names) with the red heads are my favorite. What an artist!

  4. these are just gorgeous. Just gorgeus.


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