Monday, April 5, 2010

Share What You've Made!


Readers have written in to ask if there is a flickr group to
which they can upload photos of projects they've made
from ikatbag patterns, tutorials or just the wacky ideas
on the blog. Of course there wasn't - I could barely
keep my fonts from going wonky mid-post, let alone
man my own photo-hosting site.

Now, though, there is!
And it wasn't hard!
Although whether I got it to work still remains to be seen.

I actually set it up a while ago and forgot all about it
till now. Typical. Anyway, now you can share photos of
your ikatbag-inspired projects! Dirt, chickens, dolls,
felt cakes, sofas, playhouses, clothes, bits of cardboard
constructions, whatever! Hurrah! Thank you all for emailing
me your photos and links in the past - I've enjoyed looking
at all of them! Please do continue to email them to me
if you like, but you can also upload them to the flickr
group if you want to share them with more people
than just me and my kids. You can get to it by
clicking the logo above, or in the sidebar.

P.S. Sorry if the name sounds like a bad car advert.
It had a physics ring to it and I thought it was
just slightly catchier than "Look What You
Made Me Make When I Could Have Been
Reading The Newspapers". You think?


  1. Hooray for Flickr! Can't wait to see what everyone has been making.

  2. I joined - now to see if I can work out how to use Flickr...

  3. Yay! I am just putting the finishing touches on my chickies! Perfect timing.


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