Saturday, May 22, 2010

Pop-up Cards

Had this post sitting on my dashboard for ages
-forgot all about it.

Here's another very simple paper craft the girls did
the other day - pop-up cards. My kids like anything
that seems magical, and 3D is magical to them. We started
out folding some lined filler paper accordian-style.
We used the lined paper because it was thin and
the lines help with the regularity of the pleats.

Then we cut each folded sheet into narrow strips,
drew a picture on a card, and stuck (with glue) the
folded paper on one half of the card,
right at the middle fold.

Then we put another line of glue on the other half of the card

and stuck the other short end of the folded
paper to it, to make a fan

like so

and made a few more umbrella cards.

Then we drew ballerinas and made tutus.

We stopped at ballerinas and umbrellas, although you
could go on to other things like mushrooms, flowers,
carousel roofs, flowerpots, wigs......

Then we tried another, different kind of pop-up card.
We cut out animals and gave them slit mouths. We
folded a diamond around the slit mouth
to make beak-type lips.

Then we stuck the animal with glue on a card, so the
mouth part is along the middle fold of the card
and pops open when the card is closed.

But before gluing the animal down,
we drew worms in the bird's mouth

and bread in the fish's.

There are millions of kinds of pop-up cards out there,
but we picked these two because the kids could make
them pretty much by themselves without much knife-work.
I pleated the filler paper for them, but otherwise they
did what they wanted. And that was how we spent a
particularly rainy morning in our house.


  1. So fun! My girls would love doing those. Actually, the boys would too.

  2. These are great. The umbrella made me smile!

  3. Those are great. Your color choices are stunning!

  4. Hi! Beginner sewist here. And found you from howaboutorange.

    Loved all your tutorials. The tutu skirt is very cute.

  5. so cute! I love your style and project choices. Too many children's craft ideas I see are so complicated. This is right on.

  6. These are just perfect! My daughter is just finishing up her ballet class and I wanted to make her teacher a thank-you. Now I can have my daughter make her one of these cards to go with it. Thanks!

  7. Very nice! Looks like you are raising three little artists =)

  8. My kids love making pop-up cards too. We must try the accordion one, I love using it as an umbrella - had not thought of that.
    A technique I really recommend trying, as my daughter keeps making it again and again, is when you make a box pop-out shape that you can glue anything too - I have an example at, and one my daughter made at

  9. When I was in college, during a class in Elementary Reading Methods we took an entire week to "explore the medium of pop-up." It was fantastic.


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