Monday, May 17, 2010

Waxing Philosophical

Uh-oh -
attempt at philosophy+limerick = oh boy, this is going to be bad

A sewer on hindsight once said
'Tis not in the stitches nor thread
That one's skill is revealed,
But how one conceals
Each ripped-and-resewn seam instead.


  1. Haha! How true!

    BTW, my friendly seam rippers came in very handy for the chickens... not for ripping, but for all those other talents they have. :)

  2. Sheer genius :)

    (and @Grandma G, loved how your chickens turned out, I saw them on your daughter's blog :)

  3. I love it! But I really wish there was a better word for "someone who sews" than "sewer" beause I always read it as the "sewer pipe" meaning/pronounciation. And who wants to be THAT? I've seen "sewist" but that seems too fussy.

  4. Yes, Holly, I agree. And "seamstress" sounds too professional. I'd say "Person Who Messes About With The Sewing Machine In The Hopes That Something Wearable Will Result" but it doesn't fit well in a limerick.

  5. love it. and the last two posts too! always good for a smile! and even a laugh.

    (working on strawberry bags. realized the urgency when Sophie came from school today mentioning next time is her last time!)

  6. oh, this is great!
    love the limerick!!


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