Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Fairies and Their Houses

Remember this little felt doll?

I made her last year and put her atop that
felt cake.
I said she actually belonged to another project but I never
got around to working on that project. No, this isn't even
that project (which is 10 times funner and more whimsical
than this, but it's still only on paper). As a reward for tidying
up my sewing table and finishing my slopers for the year,
I let myself make these little felt fairies



and Merryweather.

They spend a lot of time together

and you might catch a glimpse of them in your garden
if you are quiet. They'll be out and about, casting good
spells, harvesting silkworm threads and building their
flower petal stash (they sew their own clothes -
didn't you know?) .

But when they're tired and resting,

you can find them here -

in their little toadstool* houses

They might live alone,

but they like having friends over

because the company is
soooo goodso much so that when they heard the spanking
new duplex down by the daisy bush

still vacant
they got themselves together and moved in
right away.
They were very pleased to give us the grand tour

but still prefer if we didn't overstay our welcome
(they have a lot of sewing to catch up on!)

Pattern out soon!

Thank you all for playing our guessing game!
I am always encouraged when some of you come close
to the right answer because it means I've made
something that looks like what it's supposed to be. Phew!

The right answer, incidentally, is "Fungus House With
Strange Spotted Puffy Cap, Likely Poisonous, Wherein
Dwell Little Felt Fairy Dolls" although I was also willing
to accept the more succinct "Possibly Poisonous and
Fairy-Infested Fungi Habitats". But how were you
to know, right? You clearly have sane brains -
and I clearly don't. So I decided "mushroom"
was as close a shot as any.

Thus I pick Joy, the very first commentor, to send the
pattern to, when it's finally ready, and if she wants it.
While she never actually mentioned the generic "fungus",
was the first to say the word "mushroom" and
even mentioned "toadstool".
Good guess! Congratulations, Joy!
Please email me and we can talk about the pattern.

Sadly, not 5 minutes after the fairies got the keys
to their new pads, my children descended upon their
little happy village in a storm of destruction
and mayhem. Like Godzilla.

* I'm going to name these Toadstool Houses rather than
Mushroom Houses because I eat a lot of mushrooms
and so far I have never eaten one that was red
with white spots or accidentally bit into a fairy.
I don't eat toadstools.


  1. Those toadstool houses are precious!! And I love the fairies. So cute!!! You are so talented!!! Love & blessings from NC!

  2. Those are brilliant! Your imagination is so amazing! If I could read only one blog, it would be yours. Thank you for your sewing goodness! (P.S. I am working on my 6th Owie Doll right now. I love those babies!)

  3. How adorable! You are so good at these projects!

  4. Oh my goodness... how CUTE and FUN!! Your little girls are so lucky!!

  5. Amazing! I so adore these to the point that I would play with them like a kid even with stuffy important people in the room!

  6. Oh YAY! I said mushroom/toadstool, but never dreamt it would be as cute as that. This was silly of me as I should have known anything form the house of I-Kat bag would be dreamy. Toadstools are one of my top fave things, I just love them. My babies are 20 and 13 but I shall still be making at least one. My mom would love one too. Thanks so much. I am off to e-mail you without further ado.


    Lucy xx


    I LOVE them!

    Lucy xx

  9. These are GREAT! Such creativity!

    BUT ... NEVER even TOUCH the mushrooms that look like these. They are Amanita muscaria (http://tinyurl.com/Amanita-muscaria) and they are highly poisonous!

    In Russian they are called мукoмор and they figure prominently in folk tales and illustrations for children. There is even a party dish with this 'image.' It is made of deviled eggs where the whites have been soaked in tea and then turned rounded side up and dabbed with mayonnaise! How Russian mothers convince their kids not to touch == or eat -- the real thing is beyond me!

  10. Absolute magic Lier. You've done it again.

  11. I can't wait. My kids will love these. Your girls are very lucky to have such a talented mom who loves toys.

  12. Lovely! What cute fairies, and the houses are fabulous!

  13. Oh, those are so sweet! Perfect quiet-time toys!

  14. I was thinking mushroom, but it's the scale that rocks these babies!

  15. Note to self: do not check out LiEr's blog when Laura is looking over my shoulder.

  16. Those are so awesome! I love the toadstool houses. They are reminiscent of one my favorite childhood toys - a fabric house in the shape of a log complete with squirrels and furniture.

  17. I sooooo love these houses. Can't wait for you to make the pattern avaliable. I know my girls would want a whole village.

    Thank you so much for sharing your Enchantment.

  18. I love them! I think they are adorable! I would like them for myself but would make them for my granddaughter. I love your blog and can't wait to see what you are up to!
    Thanks for making my day.Please keep up the good work!

  19. How do you get them to look so cute and adorable? My little home-made dollies tend to look rather evil... something about the eyes I think...hmmm

    Love these. And their little fungus condo :)

  20. You've been Ohdeedoh'ed, my talented friend!

  21. soooo cute! I wish you were my grandma or aunt or something. I would have dearly loved to play with these as a child.
    I SUPPOSE I could get the pattern and sew it for my children, but I'd rather drool over yours :) and sew my own clothes, thank you.

  22. I cannot wait for this pattern, I've already got the fabric, thank you so much xx

  23. Love it! Also eagerly awaiting the pattern :)

    Mrs. Bowen

  24. no pressure, but I need that pattern!! My kids are asking everyday.

  25. Please, please the pattern! I know you are very busy but please don't forget the pattern for us, I check everyday ever hopeful. xx

  26. hmm, thought I posted a comment when I first read this, or more specifically saw these photos, but I must have been struck speechless. These little fairies and their home are INCREDIBLE, Lier! Such talent in those fingers and that mind of yours!!!

  27. i would love to get the pattern for this...if you are selling it. what a fun thing!!

  28. i've got my fingers crossed that you'll have the pattern out in time to make this for Christmas...... or I will be forced to do a rubbish job and make one up for myself, could you be THAT cruel??? HaHA

  29. I've also been waiting for the pattern! Any idea on when we'll see it? I would love to get started making this for my daughter for Christmas! No pressure though ;)

  30. I saw a toadstool like this on http://thelittlehousebythesea.wordpress.com/ but it was smaller and didn't open. I might have to combine the two once I have a pattern. Thanks for showing all your wonderful things.

  31. ola, adorei esses anjos e o gogumelo,por favor
    podem colocar um tutorial deles para que possa fazer tambem?
    ficarei imensamente feliz, Kharin
    porto alegre-rs-BRASIL

  32. @FedericcaSu
    FredericcaSu, you can buy the pattern here:


  33. I just finished making this for my daughter's 4th birthday. I have to say it is one of the most rewarding things I've made. I was a little challenged by the stiffness of the canvas at times - but it was so worth it! Thank you.

  34. Hi - I just blogged about my fairy house :) You can see it here http://shelleymade.blogspot.com/2011/09/fairy-project.html

  35. I'm in love with those fairies and their mushroom houses! Absolutely adorable!



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