Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Unsewn Bibs Giveaway Results!!!

We have six winners, and here they are:

#18 Tim & amp; Kate
#33 Dana Furlo

#44 Heather

#69 Melissa
#88 Amanda
#102 Nicole

Congratulations, ladies! You will now be forced to sew bibs! Hahahahahahaha! It will be addictive- you will see! If, months down the road, you have to check in to Bibaholics Anonymous, I absolve myself of all responsibility.

Please email me (my email addy is in the sidebar) your name and postal address so I can get the bibs in the post to you. I've also sent you ladies an email nagging you to do the same thing.

Again, thank you everyone for participating in the giveaway. Because I want to spread this bib obsession to everyone in the known universe, here is the free pattern to cut out your own bibs.

It should print out on a full US letter size (8.5" x 11") paper to be the right size.

Edited to add: The template above has NO seam allowances, so please add your own. To make the bib, just cut two shapes out of fabric (I like flannel), place them right sides together and sew on the sewing line all around, leaving a hole (about 3"-4") at the bottom of the bib for turning out. Snip/notch all curved seam allowances and cut out the neck hole, if you haven't already, and turn right side out. Then top-stitch close to the edge all around, including the bottom opening. And add velcro.

My sister-in-law gave me the very first bibs some years ago, and I made a tentative pattern from them. Then I modified it so that I could get exactly 4 bibs out of every 3/4 yard of flannel (45") with very little wastage. So go ahead and print out the pattern, assemble both parts, and (highly recommended) add the other half and make a full bib pattern on cardstock so you can mass-produce them. What - you're complaining that you can't cut out your own bibs? Wimps. I cut out 105! And that was not counting the
hundreds I'd cut out and sewed before that. Now go forth and multiply!


  1. Your creation are wonderful.

  2. Oh, thanks so much for the pattern. I was already thinking about simply copying off one of the bibs you gave me. *shame on me* I love your pattern. It is just the right size! So now I can make more ... they won't be out of flannel (as I find it pretty much impossible to find any cute flannel prints here) - but guess as long as I do not use any really scratchy stuff little man hopefully won't mind. :-)

  3. Thanks!
    It served me really!!

  4. Cool - Thanks for the pattern! Now I can go peruse the flannel section at the fabric store - so many cute prints! And every baby needs bibs, right?

  5. Haha! Love it. You make me laugh every time I stop by your blog.

  6. LiEr! You won the book over at Maya Made- did you know? Conrats!

  7. I'm having a brain freeze on how to make the neck of my granddaughters dress alittle bigger. It was purchased, and it wont go over her head. Its a t-shirt material on the top..Whats your best easiest suggestion pls..STUMPED.

    1. Norma: There are two ways to finish a neckline that I know of:

      (i) with a facing (or lining). This can be easily enlarged. Just turn the garment WS out and sew a line of stitching that makes a bigger neckline circle than the original. Turn RS out.

      (ii) with a collar. In addition to mandarin and stand collars, this includes the ribbing collars that Tshirts have. Such necklines can be altered BUT with a lot of work. You'd have to unpick the collar from the neckline, enlarge the neckline by trimming away some of the SA around it, and somehow enlarge the collar to fit that new bigger neckline.



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