Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Radio Silence

Erm, hello everyone!

Bit of a computer overhaul this fortnight. Lovely husband has installed Aperture, our new photo organizing program, and we've moved our thousands of digital photos over from iPhoto. A lot of housekeeping, and learning to use the new (and quite superior) software. So the computer and our photos have been off-limits the last week. Today I took my first peek at Aperture, and I think I am going to like it a lot. Anyway, lest I sound like I actually know anything about computers, I am just reporting all this to explain why there's been yet another black hole of silence in the drafting series.

All the hundreds of photos are taken, the instructions are written out, the slopers are done, but I just haven't been able to even offload the photos from the camera, let alone post them. Last night we did get them all off the camera, so that's progress!

Here's another picture of Life At Home Whenever The Mother Attempts To Do Anything Sewingish/Bloggish:

It is a sad fact that there is practically nowhere inside our house where the light is decent (or even uniform) for taking photos. So most of the pictures are taken on our deck, or the front porch or some other windswept part of our outdoors. I photodocumented the sloper drafts on the front wall of our house, in plain view of all and sundry. I felt extremely self-conscious under the stares of neighbors walking past with their dogs! What must their dogs think?

And then the girls came out to see what I was doing.
"Oh!" said Emily "You're drawing patterns!" "Fun!" said Jenna, "Can we do it too?" So had to stop mid-draft, mid-photo, and run into the house to gather more kraft paper, masking tape and art supplies, and tape up paper for each of them to draw on. That's our front door Jenna is being artistic on. Very squashed, with all four of us on our front step! Emily copied everything I was doing, down to sketching Front Center Lines and seam lines. Kate drew Rapunzel. Jenna shredded her paper just to cut out her picture of Cinderella or somebody. There were masking tape and post-it arrows everywhere. Craft shrapnel, I call it. And all those bemused passers-by. And halfway through, Kate decided she wanted to get in her Renaissance costume and dance a bit.

Chaos and princesses. Same old drama, brand new stage.

Back soon with photos (in faith)!


  1. What MUST their dogs think!!!!! Hilarious! Lucy xxx

  2. I love that you stopped mid-everything to gather craft supplies for your girls.

    I also love the term "craft shrapnel", too much of that in my room right now and too lovely outside for me to really care!

  3. Great work educating the neighborhood dogs!

    Love the glass panels in your front door!

  4. I wish I was your neighbor! I am an expert at dealing with craft shrapnel (and I don't even have a dog to be properly mortified by the goings-on).

  5. Most people and their dogs lead such boring lives so I'm sure they were happy for the whimsical display. I wished I lived in your neighborhood - then I wouldn't feel so strange asking my husband to take a photo while I lifted my skirt to display my lacy crinoline. I kid you not.

    I admire you for getting the kids set up with parallel supplies to yours. Really admire that. I try to do that, but sometimes I just do not have the patience or the vision to translate whatever I'm doing into their terms.

  6. I'm sure the dogs were wishing you'd make THEM slopers!


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