Monday, August 23, 2010

She Bought Print Fabric

..... when she does not
like print fabric so you know it's not for her.

It's for the small daughter, Emily. Emily is turning six in three weeks, so of course she gets fabric for her birthday! So she can build her own stash and leave the mother's alone. The mother, however, weakened slightly upon seeing
this print fabric

and bought a little bit for herself in case the day came when said mother might want to make a slew of little kid aprons.

But back to the first person now, and the topic of birthdays. We're doing a tea party sort of birthday for Emily this year. She is so excited that, mere hours after mentioning it to her, she's already exhausted us with her Let's Get Ready Now! suggestions. To regain some measure of calmness and order in the preparation, I drew up this chart of the various tasks that she can be involved in:

She is allowed to pick one thing each day to do, but Mom gets to pick the time of day to do it, and
never immediately after getting out of bed in the morning.

P.S. I know you are going to ask, so here's the answer: "I bought them at JoAnn Fabrics."


  1. hahahaha I love the P.S.!! So funny! I hope your little ones birthday is fun! Fun in the planning, the prepping and the actual day!!

  2. I saw that same fabric the other day and almost bought it myself. I'm going to get it this week while I have a coupon.
    I love your daily birthday activity count down. Brilliant
    Hammer & Thread

  3. purty fabric.
    and that birthday plan is ingenious! I might whip something like that out when my daughter turns 5 in October :) The excitement is already mounting.

  4. Have a happy birthday, the way only a six year old can!

  5. Oh, I am going to have to remember your birthday activities countdown. I thoroughly enjoy anticipating birthdays, and I have to agree with your daughter that making things is the best way to looking forward to celebrating anything.

  6. I love that pear fabric! Did Emily get to choose or is it a surprise?

    Fabric shopping, felt shopping and paper shopping sound like fun... Will you come organize my birthday!?

  7. I love the little chart! I might have to steal that idea for my daughter's next birthday, although by that time she may be reading well enough that a list will do. :)

    I have to say that anyone with as much skill at makin' stuff as you have is NOT allowed to buy canned frosting!!! Blech!

  8. oh I can't wait to see how this unfolds. I love your parties.

  9. Thanks, you guys.

    Margo - yes, that mounting excitement is both heady and a bit nuts. I love that kids are so excited about things in general. So much passion!

    Sula - making stuff sure does slow things down a bit for the birthday girl - it makes her pause long enough to own her party. That's the part I like - her slowing down a bit, I mean!

    Laura - It's supposed to be a surprise, as long as she doesn't sneak a peak at the blog!

    hollyml: Erk! Sorry to disappoint you - I use canned frosting in all my cakes! But only the Betty Crocker Whipped Butter Cream one. All others seem to taste like toothpaste. At this stage in my manic life, I've resolved that if I don't use cake mix and canned frosting, I will never make a cake!

  10. I used to eat canned frosting with a spoon, when I was young, but nowadays I can't stand the chemical taste. I've had the same disappointing experience with a number of junk foods. Anyway, cake mix is a decent shortcut for someone who doesn't have baking experience, but frosting is SO easy to do that there is just no excuse IMHO. :) A simple American buttercream has only three or four ingredients, and exact proportions don't matter! Or just frost your cakes with whipped cream; you add a bit more powdered sugar than you would when using it as a topping, is all, to make it stiff enough to hold its shape when spread. I beg you to give it a shot; it will vastly improve the taste of your cakes, whether they're from a mix or not.

    By the way, I've been baking pretty much all my life but (at 41) I am just learning to sew, and finding your blog a fantastic resource.

  11. I too love the countdown tasks idea. Your cute little sketched pictures make it that much better!

  12. The countdown idea is brilliant, and the party sounds like great fun!

  13. we're doing a tea party birthday party this year too! And I am totally stealing your birthday activity countdown - brilliant.

  14. Oh my goodness. I love the fabric. That cute one that that you bought for yourself ... LOVELY!
    And a teaparty! You have to step by my blog ... well, you don't HAVE to but I would highly suggest it ;-)
    I am doing a roundup on tea-projects all September long ... so there might be some you could use for your party. There is already a post up for cupcakes in teacups - which I think is SO cute. And this weekend there will be a post on a teapot pinata - I think on Sunday. But not sure. Scheduled it yesterday but memory is not working anymore as it should. Too many things to do!!!
    Well, I am VERY curious what you will come up with and if you post anything tea-related in September let me know so I could feature it ...

  15. Miss Muffin, do great minds think alike or what? Tea is so "in". And tea parties are even more "in". I shall come stalk your blog now!

  16. I didn't know that I am "in" with the theme I picked. So me drinking tea would make me "in" too? *giggle*
    Well, I hope you do enjoy it! And I like being stalked. ;-) And you're very welcome if you like it to spread the word and send a few more stalkers over ... :-D


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