Thursday, October 28, 2010


with legs.

Jenna wanted Ariel's pink dress for Halloween.
Not the turquoise mermaid suit, which was just as well, given the temperatures in these parts.

Pink and white fleece and white shiny thingy fabric. I hesitate to call it satin because it drapes poorly and is overly polyester and has glitter stuck on, besides.

Here she is with her sidekick, Flounder:

And here's a photo of her overskirt. If I'd actually looked at the little Disney figurine we have of Ariel, I would have noticed her overskirt was NOT a cheat-gathered thing like what I made. And I would have preferred the actual swag drape that it was, because this gathered thing was very bunchy at the waist and hard on my needles. That's beside the fact that I got the colors of the skirt and overskirt switched, too.

But Jenna loves it and, unfortunately, Kate loves it, too. Simply because it's pink. Grr. I should outlaw pink in our house, and that will be the end of fights.

Here is proof that even layers of fleece will not save us from hypothermia. It was freezing today, with some wicked wind. Brrrr.

Two down.
And Emily's is also done -it just needs a few stitches put in by hand.

Now to start on the hooded cloaks.


  1. Way too cute! The costume AND the model! :)

    Yes, that was some wicked wind! We had some snow with ours, too, but thankfully that's all melted now.

  2. Oh yes, I know that white shiny thingy fabric too -- awful, isn't it? I made it into a hennin (pointy princess hat) with some super stiff interfacing. Worst thing ever to make, best thing ever to wear when you are 4, as my daughter loves it.
    Kudos to you for making fleece and white glitter fabric wearable and cute.

  3. Great ! It does look cold... here we have 78 today ??? And apparently around 40 Sunday, well, why not !
    I'm almost done with the house, thank you so much for your pictures and post. I did not make the awning, but it also needs one or 2 more windows, so this is just a partly finished house, but you can look if you want.

  4. Aw, how cute! She does look a tad chilly.

    We had hot weather for my kids' Fall Festival, as usual, so I'm glad that I kept their costumes relatively cool this year - but they have long sleevs so that I can put on an undershirt if we need to for Sunday...

  5. oh, this was the post I was looking for! Need cloaks. Or capes. Hmmm, do you have a picture or a tutorial for those?

  6. Do you still have this and are willing to
    Part with it? I will make an offer! My 4 year old is dying to be pink Ariel and I can't find the dress anywhere!

    1. Trixielynn: My girls still wear their Ariel dress so we're not going to be parting with it anytime soon. I hope you find another version of it somewhere soon!


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