Thursday, October 28, 2010

Rapunzel: Nabbing A Prince

I thought I'd also share our fishing game because of that there daft picture of the witch. The girls hooted with laughter when I drew in her tiny hat. The point was to make her ridiculous rather than scary, because my littlest girls don't like scary much.

And the prince looks like a Playmobil klicky, doesn't he?

Anyway, I'll make this quick because I have a pinata to put together.

Here's the game:

1 Cut out long yellow ribbons/string/whatever.

2 Stick on magnets at the end.
Here are ours wrapped around little cards to keep them apart for the party.

3 Print out the princes and witches on cardstock and cut them out so they are the same shape (so they cannot be told apart when face down)

4 Add paperclips

5 Scatter them on the floor, face down.
With older kids, this can be at the bottom of a stairwell. With our 4-year olds, we'll be fishing off the floor while sitting on the sofa.

6 Tell the children they are Rapunzel and the ribbons/string/whatever are their long braids and they need to let their hair down and see if a prince will climb up.

7 Set them a random goal: whoever catches 5 princes first, wins.

8 Introduce a challenge: if they reel in a witch, they have to throw one prince out from their stash (but they can keep the witch as -snort - compensation).


  1. do you have some sort of trick to adding 10 more hours into your day? The amount of crafty things of amazing quality is mind blowing...good for you!

  2. Cute, cute, CUTE! And I love the non-scary witch! I wanna be little and come to all your parties. They all sound so fun! No, on second thought, I wanna be one of your girls so I can have fun all year long! ;) You are a true SUPER-mom!

  3. You are awesome at drawing!!!!!!!!!!!!!! How do you do it??? I love the way you draw, and you are so creative. I am with your girls on the scary thing. Why do people think little kids should have to be scared!! Way to show them!!! Looks like it will be another amazing party by you!!!

  4. I love it! And you draw so well, I wish I could draw like that!


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