Tuesday, October 19, 2010

When I Don't Feel Like Baking

I let the kids do it.

I realize that many of my cardboard crafts here on this blog are somewhat involved and 3-D, which makes them funner than usual for the girls, but they are sometimes more of a time commitment than we'd like.

For lazy days, we have our Flat Cardboard Crafts, the sort that don't require the glue gun, or the smelly-fumed craft adhesive. And as the main point of such Flat Projects is
decorating, even Kate can do it without me having to watch her too much.

Yesterday we made cardboard cookies. So easy it's ridiculous.

First we cut out cardboard circles from an old amazon.com box (but you can use any box!)

Then we decorated them with various craft supplies - buttons and self-adhesive foam sheets cut into frosting shapes, circles and sprinkles. And markers. And a little bottle of white puffy paint for extra frosting.

And the kids made their cookies -

and today the puffy paint frosting is all dry, so they can play bakery (and I can work on halloween costumes).


  1. This is brilliant! I think it's time to bake cardboard cookies at our house ;)

  2. Such a great craft idea...cant wait to try this with the kiddos

  3. Me again - I just realized I can totally steal this idea to use at daycare - Christmas cookies here we come! (In December I mean, I just have to remember this idea till then).

  4. you. are. brilliant.

    Even lazy me can set my kids up to do this! And they are always begging to make cookies.

  5. Thanks for this inspiration Lier! I will definitely try this one with my girls. [It is also such a great use for the foam cutouts which I am never quite sure what to do with.]

  6. What's your secret to cutting such gorgeous circles from the Amazon box?!

  7. Loving this idea! So easy and fun! I will do this with my daughter. She cuts up and glues together anything anyway ... and this she could actually use afterwards (instead of it just flying around in the house ...) to play shop, or bakery, or just "tea-time" ... oh, I love that game! Maybe I will get invited ...?
    And I have not done any projects with her lately as little man always interrupts and intrudes anyway which makes it a pain at the moment. But this she could easyily do herself!
    Thanks for the great idea!

  8. I love these so much! I love all your cardboard crafts.

  9. Look

    My daughter loved the project! Thank you so much for the idea!

  10. Hi - these are great! Just about to put a post up about some cookies we made yesterday and after a quick pinterest search have discovered your awesome ones!! I think I'm going to link to this post, coz your instructions are far better than mine... I love cardboard too! It's such good stuff... :) Jo


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