Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Day Before Thanksgiving

and we still haven't done a single turkey, tree or pie craft.

Or packed for our trip to the inlaws' either.

But Kate wanted to paint today.
And I'd just seen a whole Christmas village of similar miniature houses on someone's blog which I can't remember, but that I'd wanted to make.

So we made some action-figure-sized cylindrical houses on circular bases:

White corrugated cardboard is hard to come by,
so we save ours for painting projects.

When the roofs and houses were dry, we hot-glued them together.

along with stacks of buttons for door knobs.

Here's mine - boring and traditional, and looking suspiciously like another toadstool house,

except with a garden.

Jenna's - with snow-splattered siding

Emily's - minimalist rainbow

Kate's - batik.

Tonight, when the paint is dry, we're going to install lighting (leftover glow-bracelets from Halloween) and let the Prettyrellas -Kate's small beloved plastic Disney princesses - move in. And then maybe I'll finally get some packing done.

P.S. Of course there's no pattern- it's the day before Thanksgiving!!!!!!
The walls are a rectangle about 19" x 6".
The base is a circle about 7" wide.
The roof is a circle about 9-10" wide with a segment cut out.


  1. so cute, but there is one thing in those photos making me shake...SNOW. as a nj resident i am not ready for that yet. happy thanksgiving to you.

  2. Love these. What a great idea for the little people to make over the holidays. I have shared on my blog whimsical parasol.

  3. How fun! Enjoy your holiday :))

  4. Kate is really getting some mad paint skills--I'm impressed. :)


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