Tuesday, January 4, 2011

How Do YOU Cope?


If only.

Can you tell I'm procrastinating?

This is what my reality still looks like:

Long way to go, girl. Loooooooooooong way to go.


  1. I thank God I have drawers to hide the worst, least organized, of my fabric stash - out of sight out of mind - right?

  2. Hilarious. For just a moment...ah, never mind...

  3. ROFL!!! I wondered where you got that until I read about the Nutella flavored capsule. Too funny! I think I see a new talent here....

    Oh, yeah... If only!

    But you know where everything is, right? ;)

  4. {BIG SMILE}

    I think that special 'look' that your sewing area has comes with the territory!

    No matter how many times a week I go in and put things away in my sewing area, it usually looks quite similar.

    You cheered me up!

  5. Believe or not, mine is worse. It make my head spin just to think about getting it organized. I will spend a whole nap time play with them and they are still the way they are. Or worse sometimes.

    BTW, I also got some IKEA's holiday fabric. Snoa ruta. Love it ...

  6. How I wish. And I have *three* of the fabrics from your "ad" in my stash, too.

  7. I have been addicted to your blog for a loong time! you are so creative :)
    my fabric stash looked like yours until a couple weeks ago. I bought a bunch of dense styrofoam boards, the kind used for presentations, I cut each in to 12 rectangles with a little left over and each fabric got folded into a long piece and then wrapped neatly around a piece and pinned in place. it took a bit of time but it was well worth it! the littler pieces usually less than 1yd got folded on a shelf and the scraps all got thrown in a small laundry basket. my little tiny sewing room is finally organized!

  8. If only...

    I use the patented organisational guide C.H.A.O.S.

    It´s expensive (as I have to rebuying what I can´t find), time-consuming and decouraging.


  9. OMG...for a moment I was like....OHHHHH I WILL SO BUY THIS...and then realized it was just a joke...OMG......if we could only get something like this.....

    Shannon Margaret

  10. What a tease - I was so ready to buy this snake oil :) My fabric stash looks like yours because I just organized it, so no worries. Before hand it was a pile in the upper bunk bed. Good luck and God speed!

  11. dear LiEr, please feel much better. My stash is literally wadded up and jammed in the closet. I am not joking.

  12. Margo: that was my neatest shelf. The one with visible fabric.

    Today I must attempt to make a dent in it. Eeeeeeeeek.

  13. Now I am laughing so hard there are tears coming out of my eyes. You invent the best stuff. But the real question is... is it made of cardboard?

  14. Oh my - that is just too funny! Laughing as well at Cricket's question re: cardboard. But hey, part of what becomes real is created by dreams, so you're halfway there!

    Sabine (who's been tackling organizing her stash for, oow, about a month now?)

  15. Oh! If only this were real. The world would be an entirely different place with more than half the population so happy and productive.

    So far I don't sew. But I DO craft. My craft room (more acurately referred to as the crap room) is in need of the off shoot of your organizational miracle product here.

    I WANT to learn how to quilt but am afraid to because of how my craft life has gotten so out of control. So, if you figure out a method of organization I can apply to my crafting, I would be able to start quilting.

    No pressure, of course!

    Lots of love and blessings on your brain work, attitude, and stamina. May your Nutella NEVER run out!

  16. You guys know me so well.

    Cricket: Not cardboard. Pity. Because then when it became obsolete because a new version was released, I could just toss it into the recycling bin (first carefully removing all the fabric) and be happy.

    NanaBeast: I am sitting on a goldmine, it seems. So everyone needs some kind of miracle organizer for their craft, huh? I thought it was just me and fabric being enemies. I hope you find a nice way to organize your craft supplies soon! And become rich patenting it!

  17. Oh my. I'm glad I'm not the only one!

    I went to a "party" last night. we all brought boxes and bags full of craft supplies and fabric pieces that we didn't want. We put it in a pile, held it up one by one to see if anyone wanted it...and then piled it up and carted it off to a thrift shop. LIBERATING!!


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