Sunday, May 15, 2011

Catch Me and My Treasure Bags At The Summer Soiree!

Got fleece?

How about far too much ribbon?

Me, too.

Well, then - turn them into fun little pouches!

My girls think they're treasure bags.

You can keep them subtle

or make them summery

and even patriotic -

-you're limited only to what crazy colors you have in your winter stash! Make them in team colors! Make them with monograms! Make them to match your outfits! 

And, unlike my usual projects, they're fast and easy! 

See- this is all you need:

I'm sharing the tutorial today on Aimee's Summer Soiree - a month-long collection of ideas for things to do with your kids in the summer.

Head over to Home Spun Threads for the Easy Version Tutorial!

Then come back here for the Even Easier Version:

Step 1
So take the pattern and cut out the same pieces. 

But flip each side piece into the portrait orientation

and use the base pattern to cut curved corners:

Step 2
Cut out the ribbon casing pieces and snip 1.5" off each.

Step 3
Lay the ribbon casing pieces on the side pieces and sew them on as with the regular fleece pouch.

Step 4
Place both completed side pieces (from Step 3) together, wrong sides out, and sew all around their sides and base, in a continuous U-shape. Trim the tops of the side seam allowances.

Step 5
Turn right side out

and thread ribbons through the ribbon casings.

All done!


  1. Those are so cute! Wish I had all those supplies! ;)

  2. ААААААА!!!!!!!! Сколько ткани и ленточек! Я бы села на них и никому не отдавала!)))

  3. What a brilliant use for these scraps! I see birthday party goody bags =)

  4. adorable! I want to make these for about a million things.

  5. Nice bag. I had a tutorial posted on my blog two years ago for a treasure bag also. Same idea as the one for the summer soiree.

  6. These work well in non-fleece fabric as well, right?


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