Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Ockham's Razor for Bad Print Purchases

When, all things being equal, the other explanations fail.

(Popping back here between child-chauffeuring engagements) - Good morning, all! On hindsight, I thought I should elaborate on this demented cartoon and Ockham's Razor. Every now and then, while digging in my fabric stash, I come across some print fabric that begs the question, "What in tarnation possessed me to pay money for you?" And there are also times when I'm in a fabric store to buy muslin or solid duckcloth and come away with some bizarre print fabric that wasn't even pretty. Again, that same question. In the past, I've explained it away with 

  • Well, I thought it would make a nice dress for a girl (not mine) but they grew up before I had the time to make it.
  • It didn't look this bad under those florescent lights.
  • Purple, brown and neon green was the go-to color combo of the er.. vintage era. Or some era.
  • I was low on endorphins (and taste) that day. Everyone makes mistakes.
  • I was having a bad-eye day.
  • It was the children. What with all the whining, I could barely think - I just grabbed whatever.
  • It was on sale! (I use this one a lot)

And then the other day, it occurred to me that there was another explanation: simply bad fabric. And I mean baaaaaaaaaaaad fabric. So I drew this to help soothe the consciences of other remorseful bad-fabric victims around the world. It's a conspiracy. Very few things aren't. Do you see the shears of the accomplice bolt, raised in victory? See, this what I mean.


  1. lol! Thanks for a laugh this morning! =)

  2. Well.... you made me look up "Ockham's Razor". :) I'd never heard of it before. Thank you for my "learn something new" for today. And now I know about those print purchases, too!

    Did you draw that? I suppose you did. You can do everything. ;)

  3. Ouch! What a sad state of affairs. I suppose we all have these moments. :) Now I know, the fabric made me do it.

  4. Hysterical! I love the fabric with Christmas trees, footprints and crabs... toooooo funny!!!

  5. I know what you mean. My bolt of choice was listed online (first mistake) as dusty rose so I'm thinking light pink with a slight brown undertone. Nope!!! What I got is orange and it might be called dusty but only because it has been in the top of the closet so long. It was originally supposed to be drapes in one room and a bed skirt in another so I bought tons!!!!! Now what?

  6. This is such a A+ post. Thanks for the humor in it all. I have so been there too. I am a newer follower and I enjoy your posts and blog.

  7. Maybe you could use some of your bad prints for this project:

  8. How about "I bought it to make a *trial* of this pattern"? Love the blog!


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