Sunday, May 15, 2011

Remaking the Reisenthel

UPDATE: This is a recreated post. Not sure if I'll ever get the original post back, let alone the comments. I thought I'd stop waiting and just repost it, for the sake of the folks who've written in to ask about where I got the hardware for the basket and for those who've come over from How About Orange and found absolutely no sign of any basket here anywhere. So er... welcome, new readers! And here is that post again.

We've had some nice sunny days at last, and I'm finally done with my cold, so we've been out playing. Much better than being indoors, blogging. But I've finished a very summery project, and I thought I'd pop back here to share. 

Now that we have established that I can make a reasonable from-scratch facsimilie of the Reisenthel carrybag, using bits and bobs from the hardware store, I thought we'd also do the shortcut version. 



Better, yes?

I was somewhat pleased to find this version in our local Sam's Club for $12.98. 

I say "somewhat" because the prints were generally not inspiring, and the workmanship even less so, but the frame was aluminum and of roughly the same size and shape as the Reisenthel's. When I saw it, I cheered and thought I'd buy one and give it a makeover.

So I went at it with my seam ripper, and saved the original pieces both as a quick pattern and to reinforce the new fabric. The dimensions were a bit off, so I had to make some darts in the original fabric pieces to give it a better shape. The outer fabric is Jessica Jones' Dusk Tulips in home-dec weight, and the lining is black duckcloth. The frightening zebra-print nylon packcloth is sandwiched between them, hidden forever.

And now I have a new basket for my sewing room - I shall use it to lug fabric and patterns and cutting implements upstairs to the living room and back again. Much better than carrying them all in my arms and dropping pointy things on the stairs along the way. 

Incidentally, I don't know why I can't get enough of those Reisenthels. With this remake, I now have three (only). Is it an illness to keep wanting more and more? Or just good taste?  


  1. We now have a version of the basket at our Walmart. It is only 8.00, but unfortunately it only folds down to the size of the whole rim. I like yours better as it is more compact when folded. You did a great job. I read about it on your blog when it was there. I am having the same problem with an entry on mine. I guess I am going to have to break down and rewrite mine too.

  2. Lovely!! Amazing how you re-create things you like! My posts and comments disappeared too. Thankfully the posts are back although there are missing comments. Re-writing posts will be such a pain!

  3. I LOVE Reisenthel bags and completely understand your addiction! (there's nothing wrong, in my opinion, with wanting to surround yourself with beautiful things, especially if it brings you happiness!!). I bought two (shopper M) while in Berlin three years ago and use them every single day. Sadly, they are starting to wear a bit thin and I can't purchase them here. That and they no longer have that tote in the fabrics I bought.


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