Saturday, June 18, 2011

Garden Center How To - Watering Cans

Welcome to the tutorial on How To Make Watering Cans! See the full Garden Center here.

You will need:
  • A cup (we used styrofoam)
  • A circle of cardboard that fits over the mouth of the cup, for the base.
  • A long piece of corrugated cardboard, for the handle.
  • A piece of cardstock rolled and glued into a tube, for the spout.
First cut off  the bottom 1/2" to 3/4" (depending on the size of your cup) of the cup. Save this piece.

Next make radial cuts in the spot where you will insert the spout

and insert the spout. Notice that the cup is upside down. If necessary, tape the inserted portion of the spout to the inner wall of the cup to stabilize it. 

Attach the handle. Glue one end close to the bottom of the watering can, on the opposite side as the spout.

Glue the other end below the rim of the watering can, above the spout.

Make slits in the tip of the spout and press open the tabs

and glue them to the inside of the cup-bottom you saved from the first step.

Finally, glue on the cardboard base of the watering can.

Here's the finished watering can:

Here are the kids decorating them with permanent markers.

Don't forget to make dots on the sprinkler head for water holes!

Here are the finished watering cans - the kids really, really liked this part of the project. But then, they've always liked decorating anything 3D.

Now go water some flowers!

Next up: Pests! Ick.


  1. Thank you for posting this "how to". I love how you incorporated all of the components of the cup for these watering cans. Really clever and lots of fun to decorate.

  2. Gee, these are simpler than they looked... yay!

  3. Love this idea! Thanks for the tutorial - they are my favourite thing from the garden centre & couldn't quite figure it out from the pictures in the first post. :)


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