Tuesday, June 21, 2011

I'm Yabbering On About Myself on Ohdeedoh

He he he!

Someone interviewed me on Ohdeedoh today. My first interview! It made me smile in a deliriously giddy sort of way. It also made me realize I've been low on nutella a while already. No wonder I haven't been sewing. 

This is vacation week for me - all three girls are at Bible Camp in the mornings - what have I planned? (Not sewing, ptoooi. Not even cardboard crafts.) Swimming. Running. Haircut. Notice that only one of three involves sitting. Mum always tells me I need to rest more. What does that mean? It means time away from the kids so I can welcome them back with open arm (the other cradling craft supplies for  popsicle stick baskets) as if I haven't seen them for years.  


  1. I read the interview and I think it is great. You truly are a magnificant crafter and sewer. Congratulations and do try to rest more:) My mother always says the same. Resting means being able to sew or to craft without a child hanging on your leg and to be able to sit on the porch (with a glass of Nutel:)) or to take a bath in between, just because you can.

  2. I always love my kids better after I haven't seen them in awhile! :) Enjoy your time.

  3. Congratulations on the interview! That just means that you have arrived :)


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