Thursday, June 30, 2011

Monster Update

If this is your first time hearing about the Monster, read this. 

Yes, I've been working almost around the clock on it. Every night, till about 1 am. No movies. Single-minded concentration. Sometimes snacking on leftover supper fruit (no nutella - too distracting). When I retire for the night, my mind is still turning it over, processing, sequencing the next steps so I can attack it the next day. I usually have to wait till the next night, though, because our days are packed. And so it goes. I'm close to the end, but it will still be another week at least, and another trip to the hardware store. The machine sewing part is done!!!!!!! Now the woodworking, and some hand-stitching, and oh, I have to take part of it apart first in order to keep going. 

Here's a random photo from its progress:

Beautiful, isn't it? Not. It's rubbish-looking, but it's extremely useful. As will be the entire project, assuming I finish it. Sooner rather than later. 

Going to post two more crafts before the holiday weekend. Both involving the humble popsicle stick. No fabric. No 4th of July dresses or shorts or skirts or anything time-wasting like that. The girls can dress in reindeer or Easter bunny print (serves them right for not choosing solids) outfits. I am on a mission.   


  1. Can't wait for the grand unveiling =)

  2. Every day I check for an update.... this is such a tease. :)

  3. I'd like to see how your mind works... and watch the rest of you work, too!

    You'd better hurry up and finish this, because the rest of us are holding our collective breaths, and we might not last much longer. ;) My fingertips have a blue tinge to them already. (Okay, maybe that's from blueberries.)

  4. Can't wait to meet the Useful Monster! Can we vote on a name? 'Cause I vote for Ursula.


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