Sunday, July 31, 2011

Coat Practice

While sewing bear* clothes this fortnight, I thought I would practice my coat-making skills. This was a very dry run for actual coat making in the fall (assuming I actually make coats and am not waylaid by, say, Halloween costume making). 

Not all of the bear-coat features will be replicated in the future child-coats, of course. For one, I'm not planning to add a hood to the girls' pea coats. Still, bears look particularly dandy in hooded coats, so I practised drafting a hood for the fun of it.

Also practised lining it.

And also practised false back slits (aka pleats) and back embellishments. And fake cuffs. And fake hems. And fake welt pockets.

Not to mention fake button plackets.

It was interesting drafting a sloper (or pattern or whatever you want to call it) for a neckless body. You sort of have to imagine there are actual contours under all the fur and then assign an arbitrary shoulder line. 

Slightly related - did you read this article on Sew Mama Sew on using Math in sewing? Another reason to encourage your kids to not zone out/start texting under the table in Geometry, eh? 

*Her name, incidentally, is Icingcakes FluffFluffs Bearaby, so named by Jenna. The rest of us just call her Bearaby.


  1. I love the false back slits and fake button placket! Now you inspired me to make jackets for my boys. Oh, and Bearaby looks absolutely stunning. I think she might like Jack Sparrow Green Eyes Steve (whom we just call Steve).

  2. Awww... what a lucky Bearaby! :)

  3. That's an adorable hooded jacket for Mr. Bear! :D Love it!

  4. I love your attention to detail; can hardly wait to see the coats that you make for the girls.

    BTW, I'm a bit like the bear - a neckless wonder. I wish all tailors had your talent for creating the illusion of a nice, svelt neckline. :-)

  5. I think there is nothing you cannot do. Very clever.

    Ben named his dolly "Murry Melissa Trashcan Trampoline."

  6. This little coat made me smile soooo big! I love all the fakenesses, too! Cute!!! :D

  7. Bearaby looks dashing in her new coat. Nice job

  8. This is lovely. You are quite an inspiration!

  9. What a wonderful name for a bear!

    I love the little hooded coat!

  10. Love the name, love the coat! so cute :o) I would love to see a little how to of the girls coats if you don't skip them for halloween costumes...

  11. Lucky little Bearaby! You are amazing, really.


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